12,000 see MBCA graduation

‪MBCA Principal Pastor Helmer Lang with graduates Tuesday, from left: Enlet Lorennij, Lolani Kaneko, and Marck Concepcion. Photo: Wilmer Joel.‬


The 10th commencement ceremony for the high school graduates of Majuro Baptist Christian Academy (MBCA) class of 2021 was held Tuesday at the Baptist Church Campus. A great turnout of friends and families witnessed the auspicious occasion, alongside more than 12,000 viewers on an NTA live feed. The lineup of graduates included the following:

• Marilynn Daciah Arelong- daughter of Erik and Pierna Arelong
• Marck Ian Concepcion- Son of Roderick and Cherry Concepcion
• Violetta Dujmovic- daughter of Tony and Merina Dujmovic
• Kesandra Horicuchi- daughter of Frank and Pearl Horicuchi
• Dyris Jibas – Son of Dennis and Yumiko Jibas
• Dickland John, Jr. – Son of the late Dickland, Sr. and Diana John
• Jadd Joseph- Son of Glen and Carmen Joseph
• Christina Kaious – grand daughter of Hesa and Mesko and Kaious
• Lolani Kaneko- Daughter of Kalani and Loraine Kaneko
• Jeremy Lanbon- Son of Joshaia and Gloria Lanbon
• Enlet Lorennij- Son of Staner and Ruthie Lorennij
• Heriko Shoniber- granddaughter of late Herbert and Saeko Shoniber
• Leeane Hanreta Temo- daughter of Etika and Laisa Temo
• Lyle Yamane- grandson of Miriam Domnick and Mael Watak.
Taking this year’s Valedictorian and Salutatorian positions were Violetta Dujmovic and Lolani Kaneko.

“I know we are destined to go beyond this, with hard work we can achieve anything,” said Kaneko in her salutatory address. “I believe work done with passion is work well done.” Following her address, Dujmovic gave the valedictory address in which she stated, “Don’t stress your mind about the future, that you lose sight of what is in front of you now. Don’t look at your mistakes as failures, instead look at them as necessary steps to success.”

After their addresses, Pastor Helmer Lang then issued diplomas to each of the graduates alongside some achievement awards in extracurricular activities.
In other graduation news:
The largest high school in the country, Marshall Islands High School (MIHS), joins other high schools in the Marshall Islands with its graduation this week.
Unlike last year’s graduation, which was held virtually with few people and the graduates, this year’s graduation will expect to have a large crowd as pre-Covid era graduation ceremonies.

Listed below is the graduation schedule for high schools (Kwajalein, Jaluit and Laura high schools graduated Monday through Wednesday this week, while Majuro Baptist Christian Academy was the first private school to graduate this week Wednesday). All graduations are held at the school campuses unless otherwise noted.

• Thursday May 20 Marshall Islands High School, 10am.
• Friday May 21 Northern Islands High School, Wotje, 10am.
• Friday May 21 Life Skills Academy, 3pm (PSS Conference Hall).
• Tuesday May 25 Delap Seventh Day Adventist High School, 9am.
• Friday May 28 College of the Marshall Islands (Delap Park) 10am.
• Saturday May 29 Majuro Cooperative High School, 4pm.
• Sunday May 30 Assumption High School, 3pm.


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