MEC plant catches fire

What we were saying way back when

Journal 8/9/1983

P1 Pres. Kabua denies making offer President Amata Kabua denied that his government renewed an offer to dispose of Japan’s nuclear waste on an uninhabited island in the Marshalls when Bikini Senator Henchi Balos asked if it is true Kabua offered Bikini Atoll. Kabua defended land storage saying that ocean dumping would contaminate marine resources unlike land storage. When asked why couldn’t Americans and Japanese store nuclear waste on their own lands, Kabua replied this poses problems. In Japan’s case, there is the problem of earthquakes to be concerned about. In the US, there is the problem of transporting nuclear waste from state to state. Senator Balos did not pursue the matter further but asked why Bikini is pointed to on a map that goes with the story in the newspaper.

P2 Quote Elson says: The most important question to many on Majuro that the Compact Political Education Committee has not answered is — What will the price of beer be under the Compact?

Journal 8/11/1995

P3 Big regional tourney puts sport fishing on map Bwiji Aliven’s But-Wiser crew and Jackie Jacob’s MEC team are going to go up against some tough competition from the west and south when the Mobil All-Micronesia Billfish Tournament opens in Majuro three weeks from now. “The most countries ever will be participating,” said Marshalls Billfish Club President Billy Roberts. This year teams from Kiribati, Pohnpei, Kosrae, Nauru, Palau, Chuuk, Saipan, Guam and Ebeye are expected.

P5 Grant Gordon’s rap I’m Ujelang Joe and I like to be, Hangin’ out with my com-pa-ny. My main man Brett is a brainiac, Tony D is just a maniac. Tony D rocks so Dale can dance, With Juliet in her new sweat pants. So read my column and have some fun, and pass the time as you chew some gum.

Journal 8/11/2006

P3 Fire damages plant A fire that broke out in one of the two power plant buildings in Majuro last Friday severely damaged three of the five generators, causing two island-wide power outages the same day. Two of the three fire-damaged engines may be too badly burned to repair, according to Marshalls Energy Company General Manager Billy Roberts.

P3 Loining plant to start up A new tuna loining operation is expected to start in Majuro in the early part of 2007, according to Glen Joseph, director of the Marshall Islands Marine Resources Authority. Two-and-a-half-years after the PMOP plant closed, putting more than 600 Marshallese out of jobs, an expanded plant is gearing to open next year. The Shanghai Deep Sea Fisheries Company has incorporated locally as Pan Pacific Foods RMI Inc. and is soon to put out bids for construction work on the site.

P11 Amazing The number of FM stations now broadcasting in Mauur is truly remarkable. We still remember the recent past when the Baptist 104 FM was the only option. Now, we have more than half a dozen playing Marshallese, western and religious tunes. The latest additions are V7AB’s two stations, one a rebroadcast of its AM station, the other an ongoing feed from the British Broadcasting Company (BBC). In addition to V7AB’s FM BBC broadcasts, we have another option for BBC, Fred Pedro’s V7Emon Radio. A welcome feature of Fred’s international news broadcasts is his translation of the BBC news feeds into Marshallese.

P14 RMI flag to fly in Beijing In 2008, millions of homes will tune in to watch as the Olympic torch is lit. They’ll watch athletes march down the tracks, their flags flying proudly in the wind. And among those flags will finally be the Marshall Islands flag. This year, the Marshall Islands became a member of the International Olympic Committee and will be participating in the Beijing Games in 2008.


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