MEC rates set to go up

Journal 3/22/1985

P2 Thinking young As has been noted here earlier, 1985 is the UN’s Year of the Child. This pictorial Special High School issue is the Journal’s way of recognizing the many young people who are working hard preparing themselves to take a leading and productive role in the community in the very near future. Greater community support of and involvement with education programs (both in and out of schools), teachers, and students is a prerequisite to realizing education goals of the Five Year Plan, which translates into the quality of training for the Marshalls’ next generation of leaders. With some 60 percent of the population in the Marshall Islands under the age of 20, it is certain that the “Year of the Child” won’t be limited, in the Marshalls at least, to just 1985.

P3 Producing youth This Special High School edition was made possible by the stalwart efforts of Rose Murphy, the youngest member of the Journal staff and a seventh grader at Majuro Coop School. Spending hours on end for several days in the tiny confines of the darkroom, she produced one fine photograph after another. 

Journal 3/21/1997

P1 Saab sucks Air Marshall Islands general manager Randy Hanna is furious because the Saab 2000 continues to be plagued by problems forcing it to stay on the ground.

P1 New plant ok’d; MEC rates go up A $12.5 million loan that will pay for a new Majuro power plant has been approved and only formalities remain before funds can be released. MEC also announced that Cabinet has approved a rate hike for electricity consumers that will take effect May 1. The lifeline rate will rise from 10 to 11 cents per kilowatt hour. Residential will go up from 11 to 12 cents and commercial from 15 to 16 cents.

P3 Promoting youth involvement in health A group of outer islands health assistants were here for a weeklong in-service training with Youth to Youth in Health to develop and expand projects involving young people in primary health on their islands. In the group were Richard McKay (Tarawa), Junior Samson (Ollet), Ideto Jonathan (Ulien), Ruben Kobaia (Kili), Ruben Joseph (Aerok, Maloelap), Runnie Heine (Jabot), Micheo Tarkieo (Kaben), Gordon Samson (Jeh), Ishael Obet (Jang), Malvin Mellan (Tobal) and Lucky Hansen (Aur).

P8 Ebeye a disaster, US asked to help The US government is being asked by Nitijela to provide immediate assistance to help remedy living conditions on Ebeye that it called a “disaster.” “Living conditions are such that it is not a safe and healthy environment for people living on Ebeye,” said the resolution that was passed last week. It was introduced by Kwajalein Senator Ataji Balos.

P17 Minus the Terminator, the debris is just cruddy In the Terminator movie series with Arnold Schwartznegger, there are futuristic scenes in which freedom fighters are battling with robots and laser-shooting tanks. The battles take place over a landscape that is littered with debris of every kind, crunched under tractor treads of tanks. A nearly similar scene of debris and rubble that is in these films can be seen locally at no cost to the viewer by taking a dive into the lagoon off of Rita and Ejit Islands in Majuro — minus, of course, the Terminator robots and laser-shooting tanks (shucks). Local diver Matt Holly showed an underwater video that he shot last year to the Chamber of Commerce meeting that had the effect of chasing a good number of people out the door with comments like, “I’m sick already,” and “I’ve seen enough.”

Journal 3/21/2008

P22 Kirt on demise of tourist attractions Are we missing tourism opportunities? Local entrepreneur Kirt Pinho thinks so. Speaking at the opening of the Marshall Islands Tourism Week last Monday, Pinho commented on various missed opportunities. The Marshall Islands needs more, not fewer, activities that attract visitors, he said. “Cancelling activities hurts us,” he said, pointing to the demise of the Coconut Cup Regatta, which has been an annual fixture in Majuro 10 years, and the greatly reduced scope of last New Year’s Block Party — both of which drew reasonably large numbers of visitors from Kwajalein to Majuro.

P31 MEC tags five fish! MEC Brits Too crushed all opposition in last Saturday’s Marshalls Billfish Club tournament with five tag and release billfish, earning them 1,250 points, and one 32-pound wahoo. This puts skipper Anja Antakbon into first place in the annual President’s Cup competition with a whopping 2,740 points, more than double the second place fisherman, Kyle Aliven. 


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