MIHS sets graduation pace

The first-ever Marshall Islands High School graduation float parade captured the attention of Majuro during a Rita-to-airport parade last week Thursday. Photo: Wilmer Joel.


Marshall Islands High School (MIHS) graduates out did themselves once again not only with their first-ever virtual graduation, but an amazing float parade for the first time. It was history — or rather, two histories — in the making for MIHS.

The float parade started from Rita all the way to the airport picnic site on the Laura end of the runway. Despite the hot afternoon last Thursday, people all over Majuro expressed their pride and happiness to witness that moment as the parade went by with the 197 graduates decked out in their graduation gowns and caps. They cheered on the graduates, blessed the graduates, and even threw candies at them as a show of gratitude.

The brave people who were behind this creative idea were the graduates’ parents, Parent-Teacher Association Officers Charita Rilometo, Rickiano Antibas, Petry Rakin, and the senior counsellor Marson Ralpho. Marson and Charita were the ones responsible requesting the police department to assist in their float parade. The Public School System and the school itself were not involved in assisting the float parade, and PSS was said to have made an attempt to stop the parade.

Nevertheless, the team implemented the PTA’s decision to conduct the parade to recognize the students. They defied all odds and did the float parade themselves, with their own vehicles and financial support.

The excitement didn’t end when the parade reached the airport picnic site.

Everyone started to celebrate that moment by dancing. What looked like young shy graduates turned into different kind of graduates when the music got going, thanks to Rickiano and his band.

Parents also joined in the fun and enjoyed that unforgettable moment with their sons and daughters. “We value the happiness of these graduates and we didn’t want them to be left out from receiving their graduation because they deserve to be honored for their hard-work and accomplishment in completing their school as did those before them,” said Ralpho.

Though adversity was in the way of these graduates, they were triumphant in conquering challenging obstacles.


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