MIMRA-EPA join for enforcement

Signing the new MIMRA-EPA MOU were MIMRA Director Glen Joseph and EPA General Manager Moriana Phillip. Witnessing the signing at MIMRA HQ are, from left: MIMRA PROP Deputy Qing Zheng, Ministry of Finance’s Division of International Development Assistance (DIDA) Safeguards Officer Jessica Zebedee, MIMRA Chief of Coastal Fisheries Emma Kabua-Tibon, MIMRA Legal Counsel Laurence Edwards, and DIDA Safeguards Advisor Garry Venus.

MIMRA and RMI EPA signed an agreement last Thursday to formalize collaboration on investigating marine pollution in coastal fisheries of the RMI. 

MIMRA has commissioned the University of Hawaii to undertake a comprehensive marine pollution study under the World Bank Pacific Regional Oceanscape Program (PROP) to investigate micro-plastic pollution, pesticides, heavy metals, radionuclides and other contaminants in fish, and to investigate water quality in the Majuro lagoon. As part of the study, fish samples will be collected from Rongelap, Utrok, Wotje, Majuro, Jaluit and Ebeye. The EPA will be responsible for collection and analysis of water quality samples in Majuro and analysis of fish samples for radionuclides.

MIMRA is currently engaging with the traditional leaders and mayors of the various atolls to provide information regarding the importance of the study.

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