MIMRA, industry pass ‘food’ test

Representatives from Pan Pacific Foods, Marshall Islands Fishing Venture, Pacific International Inc. and MIMRA show off certificates of completion for successfully completing a two-month course in food safety. Photo: Wilmer Joel.


Marshall Islands Marine Resources Authority (MIMRA) held a special food safety certificate ceremony Tuesday at the agency’s Delap headquarters.

The awarding of certificates marks another step in Marshall Islands efforts to fully establish its new Competent Authority and to enable direct or indirect exports to the Europe Union, which is the world’s largest seafood market.

Both Competent Authority and private sector fish exporters took part in the training. Facilitating this training was a Portugal-based expert in food safety, quality, and inspection, Helder Silva. The training was supported by World Bank Pacific Region Oceanscape Program (PROP) funding.

It was held over a two-month period via Zoom. Of the 16 participants, three were from MIMRA, seven from Pan Pacific Foods, and three each each from Marshall Islands Fishing Venture and Pacific International Inc.
MIMRA Director Glen Joseph was there to distribute the awards and expressed his appreciation to the workshop instructor Silva and the 16 participants by saying “it assumes a lot of benefits and one goal is to test the market, tap into the market, and supply the market.”

After his remarks, various members from the training gave their take away from the training which were very positive. Then Director Joseph and PPF General Manager Wanjun “Young” Yang presented the awards to all of the 16 participants witnessed by PPF and PII Management, alongside Silva through Zoom.


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