MIMRA promotes local FADs

The newest fish aggregating device (FAD) was readied for deployment outside Majuro Atoll last week and installed in a location 1.2 miles offshore of the Ajeltake area last Friday.

MIMRA hosted a get-together late last week with representatives of various different offices to strengthen its ongoing partnership on use of fish aggregating devices (FADs) for local fishers.

Chairman of MIMRA’s board of directors Minister Sandy Alfred and Director Glen Joseph hosted the event that focused on the importance of FADs and benefits to the community for food security, income generation, sea and boat safety, and sustainable fishing practices.

Majuro Mayor Ladie Jack led a team of MALGov Executive Councilmen to the meeting, as did the Ministry of Transportation and Communication’s Division of Maritime Safety. All of those attending are avid fishermen and current members of the Marshalls Billfish Club.

The MIMRA FAD team led a short presentation on the history of its FAD program in RMI, challenges, lessons learned over the years, and activities forthcoming with the assistance of World Bank’s Pacific Islands Regional Oceanscape Program (PROP) and the FAO Subregional Office for the Pacific Islands’ technical and regional projects. These all are leading up a RMI National FAD Program, which aims to provide benefits to communities throughout the RMI.

Outside of the meeting and demonstrating MIMRA’s focus on action to respond to the Covid-19 situation by maintaining and improving food security and livelihoods, the FAD team deployed a new FAD design, the “CORONA,” last Friday. It is located 1.2 miles offshore from Ajeltake oceanside. The FAD’s precise location is: N 07•01.845’ E 171•13.777’.

To ensure longevity of the FAD, MIMRA is asking fishermen and boat operators to Refrain from tying boats onto the surface floats, report any suspicious activities such as missing floats or vandalism, provide FAD catch data to support maintaining this program, and above all, don’t cut the ropes!

MIMRA officials recognized MALGov for their ongoing partnership and assistance. MIMRA hopes to expand FAD work with other local governments in the future.


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