MIMRA’s new coral atlas

MIMRA staff joined with President David Kabua to present new publications, including the Field Guide to the Corals of the Marshall Islands.” At the presentation, from left: Emma Kabua-Tibon, MIMRA Director Glen Joseph, President Kabua and Benedict Yamamura. Photo: Wilmer Joel.


Marshall Islands Marine Resources Authority (MIMRA) visited President David Kabua last week to showcase their new book which for the first time details the type of corals we have in our ocean and lagoons.

The new book, “Field Guide to the Corals of the Marshall Islands,” was a World Bank-funded project. It was written by Douglas Fenner on the coral species proposed for listing under the Endangered Species Act.

This book guides readers through 145 hard coral and 24 types of coral disease.

MIMRA Director Glen Joseph, who was joined by two of his co-workers Emma Kabua-Tibon and Benedict Yamamura, in his conversation with the President, said the book would be distributed to the schools, local governments, and other entities.

President Kabua praised MIMRA for releasing this new book pointing to the authenticity of the book and its significance in educating the citizens about corals.


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