Miss Majol parade ‘most exciting ever’

Marshall Islands High School students line the road as the Miss Marshall Islands float parade passed by last Thursday. It was one of the highlights of more than a week of Miss Marshall Islands Pageant events in Majuro. Photo: Chewy Lin.


The fact that Marshall Islands veteran V7AB commentator William Ring dubbed the Miss Marshall Islands Pageant “biggest and most enthusiastic” event he has ever seen speaks volumes.

William has been broadcasting live events for the past 20-plus years and judging from his narration as the MMIP floats unfolded last Thursday attested to his claim.

That Thursday, a majority of Majuro residents and thousands online watched in anticipation as the flotilla of beauties on custom-built floats drove by — each float reflecting the uniqueness of both the contestants and their respective atolls.

Even students and staff took time off school to and danced along the flotilla — some were poster ready while others screamed at the top of their lungs in support of the misses.
Given William’s narrative talent, we believe those who tuned in on the radio had a clear view of the event as it unfolded.

Simply put, the Miss Marshall Islands Pageant float parade will go down in history as one of the most exciting ever organized in Majuro.

The floats were spectacular, showcasing island scenes and cultural attributes of every type. The MMI contestants were similarly spectacular in their unique outfits, adorned with stylish amimono and, on many floats, accompanied by small teams from their islands in support of the float theme.

Thousands of people lined the parade route from Alwal Rita to Delap Park. It was truly a spectacle of island pride on display.

The floats descended on Delap Park, where MMIP judges reviewed them, as thousands crowded into the park to watch.

Then the night came for all. The overall talent show had spectators appreciate their cultural roots, shed some tears and scream in ecstasy as contestants took the audience on an emotional rollercoaster.

Among the many examples from Thursday night’s show: Miss Mili with her unique story telling, Miss Wotje on her hype baking skills, Miss Namo fan weaving, Miss Ailuk showcasing her newly-acquired local fishing net (“mwio”) skill, Miss Mejit and her hybrid Tongan-Marshallese beat, Miss Likiep delivering a beautiful Marshallese Christian song, and Miss Jaluit’s original song presentation composed by her support team, the Maulo Band.

“Unique” was the watchword for the talent show.


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