Moore claiming Enenkio

Journal 11/30/1982

P2 Outer islands update The Lae airfield should be ready by Friday. The first landing on Rongelap should be next Monday. The next atoll after Lae to get an airfield should be Ujae. 

P2 Seventh Day Adventist honor roll first quarter Linda Laupepa, Jelina Rilometo, Ginger Alik, Joann Tadeo, Vivanna Velasco, Linda Allen, Roderick Kabua, Darrel Lemari, Rachel Tarkwon, Mira Tilli, Ishoda Allen, Sheralyn Balos, Hesmission Maddison, Kena Akki, Patrick Joream, Rona Ricklon, Andy Enoch, Tony Langidrik, Garland Sandbergen and Jolden Langrus.

P8 Groundbreaking held at new hospital site The famous gold shovels, first used at the Eastern Gateway Hotel expansion groundbreaking, were wielded once again November 30 during the groundbreaking ceremony for the new multi-million dollar national hospital complex here. Under the fiery Majuro sun, President Amata Kabua, Chief Secretary Oscar deBrum, and Minister of Health Jeton Anjain spoke to a small crowd about the better health care the new hospital will bring to the people of the Marshall Islands.

Journal 12/2/1994

P1 Enewetak: Don’t pass the buck Enewetak leaders are going into a major meeting with US officials in San Francisco next week with one goal in mind: to make sure that the United States continues taking responsibility for health and environmental monitoring at the former nuclear test site. “We don’t care who does it as long as it is done properly,” said Enewetak attorney Davor Pevic.

P10 Moore stakes claim to Wake Island The Marshall Islands government has competition for its claim to Wake Island (Enenkio) from a group of Americans in Hawaii. In the name of Iroojlaplap Murjel Hermios, Robert Moore announced in Hawaii this week that “the US has been given the boot out of Wake Island.” Moore, a founder of the Murjel Hermios Eleemosynary Trust that the iroojlaplap repudiated earlier in the year, said that he has “full authority to act on King Murjel’s behalf to rid the island of their illegal and unwanted occupation forces in favor of restoring the king’s assertion to his native rights.”

P16 US team is looking for outer island bombs A survey of three outer islands is now underway to find unexploded World War II bombs and related ordnance that needs to be disposed of.  US Army and Navy representatives are in the Marshalls for the next 10 days surveying sites on Wotje, Mili and Maloelap.

P18 AMI’s South Pacific connections to expand Two separate but significant developments are coinciding at Air Marshall Islands as the new year quickly approaches: After losing millions of dollars on its jet service since January 1990, the jet for the first time in history of its operation turned a profit, from September through November. And, an airline that has been plane “poor” for international routes, causing flights to be delayed, cancelled or postponed for another week will, come April, begin a march in the other direction. The end of 1994 has brought a convergence of positive developments for AMI: the take off of the fishing industry, continuing Honolulu-Christmas Island charters replacing Air Nauru’s 737 service that was discontinued, and the opening of new routes with the imminent arrival of its new Saabs.

Journal 11/25/2005

P2 25 tons of mail stuck When the American mail guys a few score years ago started using the phrase, “Neither snow nor rain, nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds,” they obviously had not encountered PM&O shipping line. More than 25 tons of US mail destined for the Marshall Islands and FSM has been stuck with PM&O since July — and only in the last few weeks was it discovered by US Postal Service officials and moved to alternate methods of transportation. 

p16 Ombudsman for and against A proposal to establish an Ombudsman Commission for the MarshallIslands sparked much debate at the cent good governance seminar for Nitijela members. The comments during the seminar, largely from member sod the ruling United Democratic Party, show that there is not widespread support for an ombudsman and that leaders are worried about how to protect themselves from complaints lodged by the public.

P17 No shows As noted in the Journal of November 11, there was limited attendance of senators at the Nitijela’s “good governance” workshop earlier this month. This improved only marginally as the week-long event progressed. At Tuesday’s opening, nine of 33 senators were in attendance. For the Thursday morning session, only 12 were in attendance.

P36 Romantic One of the most romantic work places in Majuro has to be Majuro hospital’s rehab unit because 60 percent of the staff got married this year — including some to each other.

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