New budget gives CMI a huge boost

Journal 10/16/1981

P2 $24M budget for FY1982 The Nitijela Appropriation bill for FY1982 proposed by Minister of Finance Atjang Paul (Ailinglaplap) shows an anticipated $24.7 million for the fiscal year beginning October 14. Revenue comes from four sources: local revenues, US grant general funds, special US agency grants, and foreign aid from Japan. Paul commended Minister Kessai Note, Foreign Secretary Tony deBrum, Secretary of Public Works Charles Domnick and Bill Graham for their work on the budget.

P14 UN Day Events Baseball little league boys, softball men/women community, basketball high school boys, volleyball high school boys and girls, basketball men community, table tennis men community and tennis men’s doubles and mixed doubles. Signp up at Department of Social Services.

Journal 10/15/1993

P3 Music man goes digital The on-going switch from analog to full digital recording at Steve Whitehead’s Hitkicker Studios is not only a boon for those who listen to the tapes he produces, but for private enterprise as well because his top quality recordings have been well received both locally and abroad.

P9 Hoopsters train for Olympics As a result of last month’s tryouts, 18 basketball players were recruited in hopes of making the final cut for the Marshall Isalnds basketball team attending the 1994 Micronesian Games in Guam next year. The team’s head coach is Raynor Peter.

P13 Shuffleboard club hot item on Majuro Herbert Shoniber walked away with a smile and shouted the house after beating Grant Gordon 15-14 in last week’s shuffleboard tournament at the Marshall Islands Club.

P13 Religious groups doing well running public schools Religious groups are running public schools on three atolls in the Marshalls, including — beginning this school year — four schools on Majuro. The move is part of a Ministry of Education experiment to improve academic performance in schools, said Education Secretary Hilda Heine-Jetnil. The Maryknoll Sisters have been running Likiep Elementary School, the Seventh Day Adventist Church has been operating the Mae, Namu public school, and recently the Baha’i Faith in agreement with Majuro Atoll Local Government took over authority for four schools from Rairok to Laura.

P15 Garment factory to open in 1994 A garment factory is expected to be in operation and producing clothing before the end of 1994, according to Justin deBrum, manager of the Marshall Islands Development Authority.

Journal 10/8/2004

P2 Audit confirms MALGov’s books a total mess in ’01 Majuro Atoll Local Government’s lack of accountability was so serious that RMI auditors could not give an opinion about the financial situation at the local government. The audits lists 27 specific problems ranging from lack of internal control to no documentation of spending.

P3 Only one third of teachers pass test Only about one in three public school teachers passed both reading and writing sections of a test given in early August. “It’s no surprise,” Education Minister Wilfred Kendall told the Journal. “What we suspected in the first place is true. The students (results) are a reflection of their teachers.” Of the 69 teachers who took the initial test, 37 passed the writing section and 28 pass the reading section. Only 24 passed both.

P6 New budget gives CMI huge boost A day late, and despite objections from Kwajalein senators that undoing to address needs at Ebeye fell seriously short, Nitijela last Friday passed a national budget of more than $116 million for FY2005. CMI was budgeted to receive $700,000 but this was increased to $2.5 million.