New look Tide Table

The new-look Tide Table restaurant reopened last week following a several month renovation project. Photo: Eve Burns.


Tide Table reopened its newly remodeled restaurant last week. After four months of renovating, a soft opening was held Friday.

Guests were amazed with the additional accessories such as the galaxy ceiling, handicraft displays and how bright and spacious the restaurant is.
Ainrik George emceed, in the Ri-Arno way.

Norbert Reimers, Robert Reimers Enterprises (RRE) board member, spoke on behalf of RRE. He welcomed and thanked guests who attended the opening. He shared a little history on when Tide Table was established.

“Today marks another stepping stone for RRE board of directors and families. Tide Table was established in 1988, two years after the hotel was built, because RRE management recognized the need to cater to our hotel guest,” Norbert said in his remarks.

“However, Tide Table became a hit with the community, so today Tide Table has gone through two face lifts since its opening,” he added.

RRE management and board of directors hope that once the border opens, customers will appreciate this new establishment.

Deacon Stephen Lepton blessed the restaurant.
Tide Table staff, brought out the happy drinks, great food was served and guests and families mingled.

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