Nuclear Claims Tribunal pays out $6.1m in 436 awards

Journal 5/1/1981

P1 Japanese request nuclear waste storage The Japanese government approached the Marshalls government in early April about the possibility of using Bikini to store nuclear waste, according to Minister of Internal Affairs Wilfred Kendall.

P1 Marshall Islands Alele Museum opens today After false starts and years of inactivity for one reason or another, the Alele Museum will officially open to the public today. May 1 also marks the second anniversary of constitutional government.

P2 MIATLP filing billion dollar lawsuits Administrative notice was filed last week by the Marshall Islands Atomic Testing Litigation Project (MIATLP) in Washington, DC Federal District Court of 341 personal injury claims totaling $1 billion resulting from atomic testing fallout. MIATLP’s Majuro attorney Bob Cowan said similarly large suits would be filed within the next 30 days on land damage claims.

Journal 4/30/1993

P5 Canoe men Alson Kelen and Dennis Alessio are working on the final phase of the current Waan Aelon Kein Project, which includes a plan to document the building of another voyaging canoe.

P14 Going up Upward Bound student body officers Jason Langidrik, Emlin Samuel, Francis Langinbelik, Selma Peter, Mac Aikne, and Minako Moses met last week to plan a trip to an outer island for the 60 students in the program.

P19 The best in Majuro AMI secretary Tamar Lanki was congratulated by Gibson’s staff Daniel Hone and Hermitha Amram for winning the annual Secretary of the Week award the Majuro company gives out, which included lunch at Mother’s Restaurant and gifts. Joining Lanki at the presentation was AMI’s Jocelyn Watak.

P26 NCT pays out 436 claims Through mid-February, the Nuclear Claims Tribunal has paid $6.1 million in awards to 436 people, according to its annual report released last week.

Journal 4/30/2004

P4 Lejjena’s war efforts A Marshallese serving in Iraq has received a special outstanding duty and service commendation from a US Army four-star general. Sgt. Julium Lejjena was one of 12 honored out of 230. He was awarded a General’s coin and certificate of appreciation from General Paul Kerns, Commander, Army Material Command. Lejjena is among hundreds of soldiers from the marshall Islands serving with the US Armed Forces, many in the Iraq conflict.

P13 Project worth its wait in gold If rain means “good luck” then the Japan-funded $9 million hospital construction project should have that in abundance based on the buckets that poured down at Friday’s groundbreaking ceremony. The $9 million project will add three new buildings to Majuro hospital.

P26 Trash puts stop to tour project A planned large-scale visit to the Marshall Islands by Japanese and European tourism operators has been put off indefinitely largely because of garbage problems in the Marshall Islands. The Marshall Islands Visitors Authority announced recently that it was postponing the “Come See the Marshall Islands” familiarization trip scheduled for the summer 2004. But MIVA said they felt the investment in the promotional tour “would prove more fruitful after pending waste management improvements on Majuro.”