Nuclear drama fills a Majuro void

The big cast that has joined into to develop the National Nuclear Commission’s latests community initiative: “The Declassified File,” a drama that will be performed for March 1 Nuclear Victims Remembrance Day. Photo: Wilmer Joel.


After two years of no theatrical plays by the Youth Bridge Global’s mastermind and director Professor Andrew Garrod due to the ongoing pandemic as well as a ban on incoming international visitors, the Nuclear National Commission (NNC) is filling this void.
The NNC is creating a new play using many of Garrod’s old cast members to develop a performance for Nuclear Victims Remembrance Day called “The Declassified File.” The production currently has about 30 cast members and backstage crew produced by Jo-Jikum Coordinator Jobod Silk, NNC Commissioner Ariana Tibon, alongside the support of College of the Marshall Islands Nuclear Institute Director Mary Silk.

“The idea of establishing a play on the nuclear legacy started two weeks ago with the Coordinating Committee for this year’s (March 1) event,” Tibon told the Journal. “The Nuclear Victims Remembrance Day Committee was having their regular meetings and the group was just trying to think of ways in which we’d get the community more involved, interested, and tuned in on this issue. We’ve tried various events in the past such as movie nights at Delap Park and even a music concert so we decided to try something new. Producing a play came out as the most ideal idea.”

She added that the difference between this play and the ones directed by Professor Garrod is that “we don’t have Professor Garrod so we’re kind of just trying our best to work together.” Another thing is this isn’t a Shakespeare play where the scripts are available to download online. “This story is our story and we are the narrators to this story,” she said.

Countdown of three weeks are left for this play to premiere on March 1 at Delap Park. The only challenge that this production has is trying to write their script, memorize verses, and figuring out all the logistics and costumes for the cast. They are still recruiting for those who might be interested.

Rehearsal is every day from 3:45-5pm at CMI Etonaak second floor.


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