Passport Sales Halted

Front pages from 1984, 1996 and 2007

Journal 6/22/1984
P1 Revenue employees get training help from Guam IRS Revenue Division employees from the Republic’s Finance Department concluded three weeks of special training this week on methods of conducting direct and indirect audits of businesses for purposes of determining whether or not individual companies are paying the correct tax. Participants in the auditing training were Sam Lanwi, Misao Capelle, Isaac Jorlang, Abinmelek Lang, Ira Allen, and Claude Nathan.

P6 MIHS honor roll Seniors: Brenda Alik, Tom Anitok, Todd Arelong, Rena deBrum, Dial Gideon, Atmi Hermios, Kioji Lajar, Otty Keju, Leyolinda Lamille, Jallo Tokeak, Anita Tomeing, Grace Tubay and Bobo Zackraias.

Journal 6/21/1996
P1 Darlene
Darlene Keju-Johnson died in Majuiro this week Tuesday following an extended battle with breast cancer. A Marshall Islander who was an outspoken advocate of community change and the founder of the internationally recognized Youth to Youth in Health program, Darlene was 45.

P5 Cost less beer It’s what all the thirsty guys and gals here in Majuro have been waiting for — news of progress at Harry Doulatram’s Majuro Brewery. “About a third of the equipment is here already and brewing should start in August,” said General Manager Warren Pawsey. “Think of the difference between microwave dinners and fresh, hand prepared food — which one would you prefer to eat?” Asked Harry. And the price? “Let’s just call it cost less,” he chuckled.

P19 Passport sales halted The government of the RMI has suspended its naturalization program under the Citizen Act 1984 as amended. The announcement on this “change of policy” was made June 20 by Foreign Minister Phillip Muller after a Cabinet meeting at which the passport investment and sales program was reviewed. In suspending this program, Foreign Minister Muller said the Cabinet was concerned that the Republic’s reputation and good name maybe tarnished as a result of misrepresentations published in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Chinese newspapers. He said the statements were for the most part distorted, inaccurate and a clear deviation from government regulations. He noted that the passport investment program has been a good source of revenue to the government but at the same time, the Cabinet is concerned of the impact it may have on the good relations between the US and the RMI.

Journal 6/22/2007
P4 US: Compact solved all N-money needs
Bikini and Enewetak lawyers last month told Judge Christine Miller than the US government “pulled a bait and switch” maneuver to avoid paying fair compensation to nuclear test-affected islands. In 1988, the US assured the Federal Circuit Court that it would provide just compensation for all possible claims. “Fast forward 17 years, to January 2005, with the value of the ‘perpetual’ $150 million fund down to less than $2 million (and) in contrast to its earlier assurances, the government told Congress that ‘the facts…do not support a funding request under the changed circumstances provision.’” The Nuclear Claims Tribunal “procedure has now run its course,” Bikini and Enewetak said, “and Lucy has pulled away the football from Charlie Brown. ‘We were just kidding,’ says the US today. ‘You can’t invoke the changed circumstances provision, and there is no forum or remedy for your inadequately compensated taking claims.’”

P11 Great atoll If you were asked to guess which one island provided the valedictorian for two public high schools on Majuro this year, what might your answer be? Jaluit or Likiep or Namdrik might be islands that pop immediately to mind. You’d be wrong on all counts. It may be an under-appreciated fact, but this year’s top students at Laura High School and Marshall Islands High School both hailed from our farthest flung atoll, none other than Enewetak. Surprised? We shouldn’t be. That distant community has a strong commitment to education, evidenced in recent years by the local government putting significant amounts of its own funding to improve the school and bring in teacher from off-island. Earlier this month, Tasmar Hernest delivered the valedictory address at Laura HS, and on Tuesday this week, Suewellynn Johannes did the same at MIHS.

P23 Time to listen US Secretary of Interior Dirk Kempthorne with his deputy David Cohen made his first visit to the Pacific last week, island hopping through the region, including two days at Kwajalein, Ebeye and Majuro.


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