Peace Corps ends in the RMI

Journal 12/6/1983

P1 1st annual judiciary report The first annual report of the Judiciary of the Marshall Islands is out with a glowing report  for the most part and recommendations for financial independence of the court. During the March 1982-March 1983 period, there were 260 cases filed in the court, 235 of which were civil matters and 25 were criminal. The courts disposed of 158 of these. The court also published Rules of Civil Procedure, Rules of Criminal Procedure, Rules of Evidence, Rules of the Traditional Rights Court, and divorce and adoption manuals.

P1 RRE to construct Ace hardware store The lagoon area in downtown Majuro formerly occupied by the Mieco Bakery has been bulldozed into cleanliness by troops from the firm of Robert Reimers Enterprises. The store’s general manager Ron Levy says an Ace Hardware store, franchised to RRE, will be placed on the new clearing.

Journal 12/8/1995

P3 M-Polen’s new album The music you’ve been waiting for has finally arrived and is now selling at DAR, Momotaro Corp., and Gibson’s — M-POLEN Vol. 5. The album was produced by M-POLEN members and engineered by Stanney Otokna and Tony Wase. The album cover features Charles Domnick’s grandkids, future M-POLEN band members, said Salome Andrike.

P16 The end of the Peace Corps “Someone should be raising a ruckus or buying a lot of beer to have a party or something. It doesn’t seem right that we are all standing by and letting this grand institution slide into oblivion without so much as a yawn.” —Jack Niedenthal, ex-PCV, Namu 1981-84

P19 Saab profits AMI The increase to three flights weekly on the Majuro-Fiji route has proved to be a money-maker for Air Marshall Islands. Commercial Manager David Tejada said that the expanded service now provided with the Saab 2000 is operating at a profit for AMI. Previously, AMI flew twice weekly with the older 748.

P24 Election update The five top candidates for Majuro, based on unofficial results, are Amata Kabua, Tony deBrum, Phillip Muller, Jurelang Zedkaia and Wilfred Kendall. Alvin Jacklick is leading for Jaluit among nine candidates and in second place is Rien Morris.

Journal 12/8/2006

P4 Clyde Bishop honored to serve in RMI The new US Ambassador to the Marshall Islands Dr. Clyde Bishop arrived in Majuro Tuesday with his wife Cynthia DePaulo and was greeted at the airport by the US Embassy’s Deputy Chief of Mission Helen Reed-Rowe and RMI’s Chief of Protcol Neijon Edwards. Later that day, Bishop presented his credentials to President Kessai Note at the capital building.

P14 Govt travel costs us $3.5m in 2004 In fiscal year 2004, the RMI government spent slightly over $3.5 million on travel. Its gross domestic product was $135 million. This means that travel accounted for about 2.6 percent of the RMI’s GDP in FY2004.

P27 Jack: ‘A great year’ Bikini Atoll Divers operations manager Jack Niedenthal told the Journal that “financially and numbers-wise, we have had our best year ever this year and that next year is already almost fully booked with deposits.” The previous record year was 2001.


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