Phillip, Tony ballot upset

TW-pic-11-20Journal 11/12/1976

P8 Worms eradicated The local Agriculture Department here surely deserves a note of congratulations — thanks to the quick work of district agriculturalist Liki Labi, a serious plague of worms found in a local hydroponic station was taken care of with a suitable pesticide. According to our source, the worms were reported one day and sprayed the next.

P8 Nitijela results Election results for the Marshall Islands Nitijela: 1st District: Iroij, Neilan Elaisa (386); Kajur, Laningmo Jacob (272) and Isao Kisino (420). 2nd District: Iroij, Joba Kabua (582); Toke Sawej (394) and Zebedy Tarkwon (500). 3rd District: Iroij, Maitol Watak (944), Bilimon Amram (481) and James Milne (482). 4th District: Iroij, Anjua Loeak (937), Atlan Anien (831) and Jalle Bolkeim (200).

Journal 11/23/1990

P1 Watch out for weekend waves Unusual wave and weather conditions produced high surf which swept over Majuro last Thursday — and there could be more of the same Sunday or Monday.

P3 Marshalls begins medical referrals to Manila The Ministry of Health has begun using the Philippines as a center for medical referrals. “The Philippines has the same standard of care (as the US) but at much less cost,” said hospital chief of staff Dr. Masao Korean.

P17 Fighting flies EPA Sanitation staff Bujen Jacob and Kasma Minor set up a test fly trap in Majuro this week. It will soon be put into use in major fly breeding areas, such as the Majuro dump.

P21 WUTMI opens second national women’s conference The second annual WUTMI conference opened in Majuro that kicks off two weeks of meetings, skills training, handicraft displays and management workshop.s About 60 women are participating.

P27 WAC donation Members of the Women’s Athletic Club got together on President’s Day last week to donate new tennis nets to Social Services recreation staff Hackney Wase and Nokko Kabua. WAC members joining in the presentation were: Rebecca T., Abacca Anjain, Leilani Alfred, Diana Luke, Karina Aliven, Juia Jones, Loretta Case, Daisy deBrum, Daisy Momotaro, Risi Graham, Mary Silk, Tomiko Maddison, Teini Bing and Neilan Elaisha.

Journal 11/19/1999

P1 Phillip & Tony tumble in Majuro vote upset In a stunning setback for the majority party, powerful Cabinet Ministers Tony deBrum and Phillip Muller were defeated in the preliminary and still unofficial election ballot returns. Despite mounting a high-profile campaign as part of a three-way team with Iroij and Vice Speaker Jurelang Zedkaia, 16-year Nitijela veterans Muller and deBrum were dropped by voters in favor of United Democratic Party candidates. Wilfred Kendall was top vote-getter in Majuro. Witten Philippo was second. Zedkaia was third, Brenson Wase fourth and Alik Alik fifth.

P3 New mayor for Majuro The crowded mayor’s race for Majuro turned into a two way contest between incumbent Tarmile Ishoda and Councilman Mudge Samuel. Mudge defeated Tarmile in a close battle, 640-593 with most votes counted.