Pink Tea Party a hit

A singing group of cancer survivors and supporters was among the highlights of the Third Annual Pink Tea Party held at RRE’s Tide Table Restaurant October 21. Photo: Giff Johnson.

A big turnout of people, replete with creative handicraft-style hats and snazzy outfits, highlighted last week’s Third Annual Breast Cancer Pink Tea Party held at RRE’s Tide Table.

Over 100 people packed into the restaurant for the breast cancer awareness program that included music, dancing, speeches, door prizes, a photo booth and high spirits. WUTMI Executive Director Daisy Alik-Momotaro opened the event with welcome remarks emphasizing the significance of event for cancer survivors and those facing the disease.

Cancer survivor Natalie Nimmer, an educator who worked on Wotje and Majuro and now lives in Hawaii, was beamed into the program by Zoom. She delivered a short, pithy talk about her experience of dealing with breast cancer, surgery and follow up treatment. She offered a feeling of optimism and determination in explaining how she successfully navigated the challenge of cancer.

Mary Hicking, one of two radiographers at Majuro hospital, urged women to make use of the hospital’s mammogram to check for breast cancer. Nenulej “Bolal” Keju and Giff Johnson narrated the struggles and different experiences of three members of the Keju family who all suffered from breast cancer: Bolal’s parents, Jinna and Alice, and his sister and Giff’s first wife, Darlene.

Health Secretary Jack Niedenthal rounded out the program, delivering remarks that tied together cancer issues with mental health and Covid concerns.
The event was supported by the Ministry of Health, WUTMI, the Cancer Survivors Group, and many others.


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