Police tarhet gov’t vehicles

Journal 12/8/1982

P1 High spirits The Rongelap airfield was opened Monday by an Airline of the Marshall Islands flight. Rongelap people prepared a welcome including dancing.

P1 Power soon Testing on the new power plant is continuing December 8. The number one generator should produce power this week, according to one of the construction managers. The new generators are already connected to feeder three but even the whole island is not enough load for one generator to reach maximum output of over three megawatts.

Journal 12/9/1994

P1 RMI bomb study: No nuclear threat in ’90s A five-year study of 432 islands in the Marshall Islands shows that the northern part of Kwajalein Atoll, Wotje Atoll and all islands and atolls north of these received radioactive fallout from the US nuclear weapons tests of the 1950s. But the study states that with the exception of islands in Bikini, Enewetak, Rongelap and Rongerik, “the amount of radioactivity remaining in the environment has diminished to levels that are not of concern. The summer report of the findings of the Nationwide Raiological Survey was presented to Cabinet and the Nuclear Claims Tribunal last week.

P3 Busted! In an attempt to crack down on unauthorized use of government vehicles, police this past weekend stopped numerous cars, truck sand vans bearing a government seal and inspected them for proper authorization papers needed to operate a vehicle outside of normal working hours. The vehicles that didn’t have proper authorization were impounded at a lot across form the police station.

P12 RMI Auditor General: The buck stops here The Marshall Islands Auditor General Susan Thompson gave notice this week to local governments of the four atolls that the single audit act requires that federal funds distributed by Local Distribution Authorities be audited every year.

P4 Enewetak sees major changes in local school system Enewetak leaders say the school system on their remote northern atoll has turned around so dramatically that Enewetakese living in Majuro are sending their children to Enewetak to attend school there. “Our school has improved because we have spent our own money to hire teachers, parents are involved, and there is no more ‘Marshallese time,’” said Senator Ismael John.

P23 Public Works money on hold More than $1 million in federal maintenance funds are on hold until the Ministry of Public Works satisfactorily reorganizes its operations, according to a draft Maintenance Improvement Program report.

Journal 12/2/2005

P3 Get the rice and run Hundreds of people spent a lot of time the past few days racing around town trying to find the last bags of rice on island. At least one store in Rita took advantage of the rice shortages by jacking up its price to $15 a bag.

P8 Moon flies in Saturday Rev. Sun Myung Moon, the self-proclaimed “Messiah,” is scheduled too visit Majuro this weekend  as part of a 100-city global tour prompting world peace. A special ceremony marking Rev. Moon’s visit to Majuro will be held this Saturday evening at the Nitijela conference room.

P31 Majuro misses win Micro Cup In what was described as one of the closest Micronesian Cup tennis competitions ever, Majuro slipped by Kwajalein in the final set to successfully defend the Cup for another year. The annual tennis tournament between the Kwajalein Atoll Tennis Club and the Majuro Atoll Tennis Club was held in Majuro.

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