Police ticket 58 drivers

Journal 10/29/1974

P4 Interior Plumbing and Aeronautics By Joe Murphy One confessional race in the Marshalls, more than all the others combined, is grabbing the hearts and imagination of local voters. It is the race between Carmen Milne Bigler, Hemos Jack, Chuji Chutaro and incumbent Representative John Heine. Carmen, to tell the truth, has been demonstrating a brand of one-upmanship (upwomanship?) throughout the campaign that betrays the fact that she is doing things according to a carefully laid out schedule. First, she cam on handouts proclaiming her candidacy. Next, she deluged the district center with campaign buttons. You saw them everywhere. Other candidates could not help but notice. Her most recent coup was a bumper sticker plastering foray carrying the message “CARMEN.” Well, with all this going on in obvious orchestration, we can only surmise at this point that Carmen probably has some more tricks up her sleeve.

P4 What They’ve Said … About the Marshalls in the late 1940s By Mary Browning Do you remember when the biggest thing going, as far as Marshallese-American relations were concerned, was a whole lot of goodwill? When the problems left behind by the war seemed solvable? Even easily solvable? When things had been so bad that they could only get better? When nothing seemed impossible to a nation which had just played a big part in winning the largest and most costly war in history? Americans had been assured by the few people who had actually been in the Marshalls — missionaries mostly — that the Marshallese would be very glad to see them. And they were; at least if they weren’t, they kept it well hidden. It is of this time of hope, of quick answers to easy problems, that Thomase J. Feeney, SJ, DD, wrote in Letters From Likiep (New York: Pandick Press, 1952). The book is out of print, and not easy to get one’s hands on now, but well worth looking for. It tells us how things were then and gives us a sense of perspective.

Journal 11/5/1993

P1 Police nab 58 Police nailed drivers right and left today during a two-hour roadblock near the Bukot Nan Jesus Church, issuing 58 tickets. Police Commissioner Norman Jennings has promised three additional night time road side inspections and additional stops during the day sometime during the third and fourth weeks of November. National police, working with local police, will be conducting inspections during the upcoming holidays. “We will be getting across the message that you can’t be drinking and driving,” Jennings said.

P5 Marshallese in Oklahoma The first Marshallese church in Enid, Oklahoma opened in early 1993 under the direction of Pastor Emerold Lokeijak.

P11 Record-breaking rainfall The record-breaking October rains have made MWSC Manager Bernie Cotter a happy man. “We got our reservoirs to full capacity for the first time this year,” said Cotter, as a result of last month’s 20.48 inches of rain.

P12 Teacher shortage, high enrollment strangle schools Majuro public schools are facing a severe teacher shortage — but that news is as old as the school are over-populated. What is news is that despite overcrowded classrooms that would demoralize even the most optimistic optimist, teachers at many of the public schools maintain a positive can-do attitude. “We nada big increase in enrollment in Majuro schools this year,” said Hilda Heine-Jetnil, the secretary of Education. “We opened with a shortage of teachers in all schools.”

Journal 10/29/2004

P6 Experts rethink how our education works Rethinking Education in Micronesia is the agenda of educators from around the region who launched a three-day conference Wednesday at the Marshall Islands Resort. More than 200 guests, speakers and educators through the Micronesian and broader Pacific region gathered for the opening ceremony.

P20 PK’s students stun crowds at Yakuza If you were one of the several hundred people who went to the Yakuza Club earlier this month, then you know that your choice of weekend entertainment was the right one. And for those not fortunate to have selected the Yakuza, you’ll get another chance, but you’ll have to wait until November 5 and 6 for two new plays. Seven College of the Marshall Islands students performed two different plays by playwright Vilisoni Hereniko, a well-known writer/teacher who hails from Rotuma in Fiji. Director PK Harmon said before the show that the performance would serve as the mid-term exam for the CMI drama club — if the laughter and applause during and after the shows was an indication, the seven students should get an ‘A’ for the course.