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Journal 4/13/1984

P1 Traditional Rights Court ceremony for new judges The judges and clerk of the first Traditional Rights Court of the Marshall Islands were sworn in April 10 at the Majuro Courthouse. The ceremony, featuring opening of the court by High Court Chief Justice John Lanham, was followed by an invocation from Rev. Jori Lokboj and singing by the Melody Four. Walter Elbon was sworn in as clerk of the TRC, and welcoming remarks were supplied by Lanham, Supreme Court Chief Justice Harold Burnett, and President Amata Kabua. The judge are: Chief Judge Berson Joseph, and Judges Bwilej Jibas, Wame Taklur, Bollong Joklur, Handel Dribo, Zebedy Tarkwon, Nathan Tartios, Ellan Jorkan and Neimon Philippo. They were sworn in by Irooj Kabua Kabua, presiding judge of the District Court.

P3 Compact this year? “Recent news stories have suggested that chief status negotiator Fred Zeder has turned pessimistic about the pact’s chances for Congressional approval this year,” says the Washington Pacific Report.

P10 Rongelap people moving Recent travelers to Rongelap Atoll indicate the people of this irradiated island are intending to leave the island because of radiation levels and may be moving to an island at Kwajalein, probably Ebadon, as an interim arrangement. Nitijela has requested US funding to pay for the relocation.

P10 MIHS honor roll Seniors Brenda Alik, Tom Anitok, Todd Arelong, Atmi Hermios, Otty Keju, Leyolina Lamille, Custin Naisher, Anita Tomeing and Bobo Zackraias.

Journal 4/12/1996

P6 So long David Tejada set a longevity record for AMI managers of more than six years. He and his wife, Sue, left Majuro this week. David, who was AMI’s commercial manager and often acting manager since January 1990, holds the distinction as the longest surviving AMI manager — six years and two months. If the number of parties given to people leaving the islands is an indication of their value to the community, then the Tejadas earn a “10.” They didn’t have to cook a meal the last week they were here, as AMI staff and friends put on a party for them every night to say goodbye in good island fashion.

P7 MEC picks German engines A new power plant is going to be built in Majuro to fuel development expansion into the next century. The MEC board Tuesday approved a bid by Deutz MWM Pty. Ltd. to construct a new 12-megawatt power plant at a cost of about $10 million, according to MEC GM Billy Roberts. McConnell Dowell, which with local contractor PII built the capital complex, has been named by Deutz as the sub-contractor.

Journal 4/13/2007 P1 RMI: Where’s that? Compact II postal problems continue to multiply for local customers. Majuro attorney Dennis Reeder has been unable to receive payment through the mail from an overseas client because the US Postal Service is rejecting a letter sent from England to Majuro. The letter, using the “Majuro MH 96960” designation was returned to sender three times and said “registered mail service discontinued.” The Marshall Islands Journal was advised this week by a US-based company that has provided printing supplies to the Journal for  many years that it cannot use “1000 Oceanview Dr., Majuro, Marshall Islands 96960” because that “address is no good.” Prior to the US government changing the RMI from a domestic to an international destination in January 2006, many local residents gave themselves “street addresses” for mailing purposes since some US vendor will not mail to a PO box. But now it’s not the box or street address that is being rejected by US vendors. It’s the “Majuro, Marshall Islands MH 96960” that is being rejected as “no good.” In related news, the US Department of Interior states that a primary aim of Compact II is to support development of the private sector in the RMI.


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