President of Palau killed

Journal 7/5/1985

P1 Palau President killed The president of the Republic of Palau was shot and killed by an unknown assailant after returning to the vicinity of his residence at 12:30am June 30. President Haruo Remeliik was shot three times in the head and throat.

P1 3DC Milk this year The new Marshall Islands milk factory is scheduled to leave Denmark September 27 and should be in operation by year’s end, according to Erik Brondum, regional sales manager for 3DC, the company providing the factory. The factory will produce ‘fresh’ milk by a process of recombining Danish butterfat and milk powder with water to produce quarts of milk. The factory will also produce ice cream.

P16 Bako wins championship The first quarter was close ending 12-11 for Unak in Bako.  The second quarter was a total loss for the Rita Cyclers as Bako players opened up their lead by scoring 21 points while holding Cyclers to zero. Final score, 52-46, Bako. Hackney led all scorers with 26, while Cycler’s Brad had 20, followed by Bermy with 16.

Journal 7/4/1997

P1 Local businesses: Trampled Local business leaders are expressing gave concern about the impact of the rapidly developing business foothold that Chinese are gaining in Majuro. A number of businessmen believe that in a matter of years, the local economic will be dominated by Chinese to the detriment of Marshallese who will not be able to complete with their Asian business counterparts. While expressing serious worries about the rapid influx of Chinese over the past six months, local business leaders are quick to say that they are not criticizing Chinese on the basis of their race — but rather a concern is that the government has allowed its passport selling program to get out of control, and Marshall Islanders will suffer the consequences. “My concern is that in the next 10 years, even Gibson’s and RRE won’t be able to stand up to this competition,” said DAR owner Charlie Domnick. “If government leaders are not concerned about this now, then they are sleeping.” In the context of the Marshall Islands, dozens of Chinese businesses will put Marshallese-owned firm out of business, having a disastrous impact on the economy, he said. “Marshallese can’t compete on this level,” he said. “Who’s going to protect the Marshallese?” Most of the Chinese who are establishing businesses around Majuro are Marshallese citizens, said Chinese government officials in Majuro.

P17 Despite loss, NTA likes Internet access It’s over six months since the Marshall Islands joined the rest of the world with Internet access provided by NTA. NTA Vice President Tommy deBrum said the $80 monthly fee could be reduced if the number of people connected rise to 80. NTA has seen a reduction in revenues but they’re keen to provide the latest technology to the Marshall Islands. “We expected a drop in long distance calls but we have to go with the world, we can’t deny access to the Internet,” he said.

P19 Slippery porkers and wet bank managers Saturday’s anniversary activities at Robert Reimers Enterprises kicked off with the popular greasy pig contest followed by an action packed day of competition. Ace Hardware manager Paul Reimers spent his time on the dunk tank hot seat praying, “please miss, please miss,” but it didn’t work and he got a good soaking. Bank of Hawaii manager Brian Glass also ended up in the water every couple of minutes despite generous offers to contenders. “I’ll give you a loan anytime,” he joked every time the target was missed.

Journal 7/4/2008

P1 Air Vlad A media tycoon who has already invested in Rongelap Atoll wants to take his interest one step higher by bringing in a small airplane for outer islands service. Vladimir Gusinksy and Rongelap Mayor James Matayoshi made an air service pitch to Transportation Minister Dennis Momotaro last week. Gusinksy is a millionaire who established the first Russian satellite broadcast TV company seven years ago.

P3 First ri-Majol cop A class of seven police recruits joined the Springdale Police Department last week, with Gomez Zackious becoming the first Marshall Islander to be hired in the Northwest Arkansas area.

P9 HAP is happening Assumption’s Higher Achievement Program (HAP) is a classic example of young teaching the young. The HAP mentors are CMI, Assumption High School and Xavier High School graduates and students working with public middle school age students.


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