Press meets power radio

The MIHS newspaper/media club, with Power 103.5FM DJ Pat Poquita (left), singer Rosie Delmah (right), and MIHS Vice Principal Kathy Digno and teacher Ron Sidal (back, right) at the Power 103.5FM broadcast studio. Photo: Wilmer Joel.

The newspaper and media club that manages “The Current” newspaper at Marshall Islands High School paid a visit to the Power 103.5FM radio station the other day. They were joined by advisor Ron Sidal and Vice Principal of Academic Affairs Kathy Digno.

They were welcomed by their tour guides singing sensation Rosie Delmah and radio sound guy DJ Pat Poquita. The field trip gave the MIHS students an insight on how the radio station keeps their listeners entertained.

“It is rare we get visitors,” said Rosie to the MIHS students. She noted how the Covid pandemic has held up some of the projects Power 103.5 was planning last year and for 2021. Among other challenges, number one DJ Yastamon has been stranded in the US for nearly a year. He is piped in via the internet to run his popular 5pm “Drive Time” show.

She also mentioned that Power 103.5 promotes singers in the Marshalls and around the Pacific to do their music. To capitalize on the event, the club did a live broadcast on air with club member Sharllyma Arhuane singing a live musical number by Adele “Someone Like You” to provide a new voice to entertain FM listeners.


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