PSC-Finance deal on performance

At the ceremony, from left, Lynda Roades, Acting Project Manager, PSC Commissioner Edward O’Brien, PSC Chairman Kenneth Anitok, Finance Secretary Patrick Langrine, PSC Commissioner Justina Langidrik and Rachael Baack, PFM Development Specialist. Photo: Ronald Jorthan.

The Public Service Commission and the Ministry of Finance celebrated the endorsement of the Public Financial Management (PFM) Competency Framework/Monakjan nin Kalablok Kabel – Jitok Kabel earlier this month with a ceremony.

The PFM Competency Framework is a specialized human resource tool identifying behaviors, knowledge, skills and capabilities as well as supporting professional development for staff to grow in these identified areas.

The PSC formally endorsed the PFM Competency Framework as a HR Tool that will support performance improvement assisting sustainable PFM reform, according to a release from the Ministry of Finance. The ministry will now commence pilot implementation under the Work Bank-funded PFM project to develop the toolset and measure impact.

PSC Chairman Kenneth Anitok presented the formal endorsement to Finance Secretary Patrick Langrine. Chairman Anitok remarked that he appreciated the partnership among PSC, Finance and the World Bank PFM project and that this partnership will provide a valuable step for continuous performance improvement and capacity development.

Finance Secretary Langrine built on this by saying that this framework provides Finance with a tool to begin the process of developing the professionalism, capabilities, and performance of Finance staff and management.

Also in attendance were PSC Assistance Commissioners Justina Langidrik and Edward O’Brien, and PSC staff Joseph Tibon and Yoko Alberttar, and Finance and PFM officials Dolse Shoniber, Lynda Roades, Ian Martinus, Abrabram Mea, Rachael Baack and Mack Kaminaga.