Rad cleanup underway

Journal 25, 1977

P1 US courts reject Kwajalein case

Marshall Islanders will get no help from the US Supreme Court in their claim that the Navy took Roi-Namur Island, Kwajalein Atoll, from them without adequate payment for use in the Kwajalein Missile Range, Gannett News Service reports. The court October 3 declined to review a decision by the US court of claims. The claims court found last December that its own six-year statute of limitations barred any action. The period ran from 1960, the court said, when the US came into “open and notorious possession under claim of right.” The US has since 1960 used Roi-Namur as part of its missile range. The few Marshallese who had been allowed to return there after World War II were removed and none have been allowed to return since 1960.

P9 Enewetak clean up begins — finally

A clean up effort to fid this former nuclear test site of radioactive debris finally got underway November 22, according to the Honolulu Star-Bulletin. US Army soldiers are being used for the clean up which began on the northern island of Lujor, where twisted steel has been scattered throughout the islands since tests were halted in 1958. Work will follow on six other islets on Enewetak.

Journal 11/27/1992

P10 Inaugural National Board of Education meeting held

The new National Board of Education held its inaugural meeting Friday in Majuro. Established by Nitijela law last year, it is chaired by Secretary Hilda Heine-Jetnil. Other members are Rev. Enja Enos, Health Secretary Donald Capelle, Orlando deBrum, CMI President Sr. Dorothy Nook, and Hiram Malolo. Minister Phillip Muller recognized the board.

P15 Sea Breeze debut album

The music group Kitwon Lometo (Sea Breeze) is aptly named for their debut album brings us 10 original compositions that, like the ocean wind, are easy on the mind. Nica Wase, Ann Sawej and Lynda Momotaro are Kitwon Lometo and their fine vocals are backed up by a solid band of Juri, Mac and Duffy on guitar, keyboard and base, with Paul and Nikki providing back up vocals.

P20 Likiep waste project moves forward

An American company is proposing to build a hazardous waste plant on Likiep Atoll that is similar to plans that were rejected in California and Hawaii, according to a report issued by the environmental group Greenpeace last week. The report said that Consolidated Environmental Inc., of Hawaii, is broker for both the petroleum contaminated soil that is now heading for Kwajalein to be used as landfill for the Ebeye-Gugeegue causeway and for a planned $11 million waste treatment facility on Likiep.

Journal 11/21/2003

P3 UDP wins votes to take Majuro

Unofficial results from all 13 of Majuro’s voting wards confirmed Wdnesday that the capital city is still strong United Democratic Party territory, as the government party took four of the five seats — a repeat of the 1999 election line up. Meanwhile, at Kwajalein unofficial results show that the Ailin Kein Ad Party is well on its way to controlling all three Kwajalein seats, with six-term incumbent and UDP Senator Ataji Balos a distant fifth in the three-seat race.

P14 CMI testing team wants to see college rebound

The College of the Marshall Islands accreditation continues to hang on by mere threads — but indications from the US Western Association of Schools and Colleges team that visited CMI last week for the second time this year is that the college will likely remain on probation as it works to resolve the numerous eligibility problems identified by WASC.

P18 Senate okays extra $5.3 million for Rongelap

Rongelap Mayor James Matayoshi announced Wednesday that the US Senate has approved an additional $5.3 million for the Rongelap Resettlement Trust Fund.