Rita Hawks win the cup

Journal 11/30/1984

P1 Gibson’s open The long-anticipated opening of the new Gibson’s shopping venter in Delap is scheduled to occur Saturday. It signals the beginning of a new phase of development in the Marshall Islands, a switch over from the long established practice of “selling” to the more sophisticated game of “merchandising.” The entry of the new firm into the Marshalls business scene has already been felt across the board, from the big Robert Reimers Enterprises, which went out and hired itself a professional design firm to renovate its former benchmark supermarket, to Momotaro’s, which blazons weekend specials on signs facing the main road.

P1 MIHS honor roll Juniors: Carlon Allen, Artha Andrew, Tom Anie, Elton David, Carolina Edwin, Dwight Heine, Calvin Juda, Wase Kaminaga, Jim Kaju, Lane Keju, Arthmen Laukon, Marilyn Lokebol, Herbi Lorennij, Eunice Luther, Brenda Mellan, Clarence Samuel, Hanlee Term, Thompson Thomas, Mael Watak, Walkup Zachraias, and Macazine Elcar. Seniors: Jimmy Langley, Clena Pero, Helmer Lang, and George Hitchfield.

P7 Not nice “Kabilak” is a little nuisance wind that runs through the Marshalls in late November. It was right on time last Sunday, when it hit the islands to everyone’s discomfort. Kabilak is a kind of rascal like Letao in that it never does any real damage. Kabilak just takes a couple aluminum roofs, beaches a boat or yacht here and there, and knocks over some of the islands fauna. Andrew Bing’s boat was beached at Arno with a small hole in the hull; the Robert Reimers repair shop downtown lost a whole section of roof; KUP-65 lost one of its towers. Kabilak left as suddenly as it came and everyone went back to their hot turkey sandwiches and turkey casseroles.

P12 Fashion show The third Marshall Islands Fashion Show was held at the Lanai last Friday. The show was sponsored and presented by Pat Muno and the 7 Degrees North Boutique.

Journal 11/29/1996

P11 Glad it’s over The Foundation students at the University of the South Pacific campus in Majuro recently finished their first year exams. Now they are waiting to learn if they’ve been accepted for degree courses. Completing the program were: Lisa Elaisha, Kino Kabua, Yolanda Lodge, Benjamin Kiluwe, Melvin Narruhm, Daisy Pedro, William Gordon, Wagner Watak, Beau Green and Jennifer deBrum.

P16 Hawks! The Rita Hawks won the first President’s Day Cup by defeating the Continental Jets twice in basketball last week.The Hawks capped a comeback from an early tourney loss to Brand-X to beat the Jets for the title.

P18 Men of steel History was made in Majuro this week with the launch of the very first steel hull boat ever constructed in the Marshall Islands. Under foreman Ray LaForce of LaForce Shipyards, a team of boat builders, including many Marshallese, have been working since July on the RMI’s home-built landing craft.

Journal 11/30/2007

P1 AKA holds the keys to power The Aelon Kein Ad party has clearly beaten the United Democratic Party at the polls, but whether it has an absolute majority of 17 needed to form a government will not be clear until after the postal absentee ballots are counted starting Tuesday. By the Journal’s count, there are 15 AKA aligned senators who have substantial enough leads to have won their seats, while only 12 UDP incumbents have retained their seats. The UDP previously had a 20-seat majority in the 33-seat Nitijela.

P4 Imata looks to China Although the postal absentee votes are still to be counted, AKA party leader and former President Imata Kabua told the Journal last week that former UDP Speaker Litokwa Tomeing will be the next President of the Marshall Islands, and once in power in January the new government plans to recognize China, ending a nine-year relationship with Taiwan. Kabua was president when the Marshall Islands switched diplomatic ties from China to Taiwan in 1998. He said it’s time to adopt a “one China” policy recognizing China. But Kwajalein Senator Tony deBrum said this week that AKA will continue to support Taiwan.


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