RMI biggest b-ball event

TW-pic-7-15Journal 7/13/1977

P3 Fishing authority averaging one ton daily Marshalls Fishing Authority is averaging one ton of fresh fish daily now, according to Houstan Jonathan, accountant for the authority. Most of the catch recorded has been skipjack and yellow fin tuna, both sold for 55 cents a pound. According to Jonathan, the price, however, created some static from the private sector during the first two weeks the Authority began selling fish in the local market, but this has now somewhat disappeared.

P3 Notice to all retailers Althea Bing and Company has received a fresh supply of Kool cigarettes. Our wholesale price is still $157.50 a case for 50 cartons, only $3.15 per carton by the case. Why pay more? We deliver.

P4 Unexpected conditions stop Wotje project The Wotje clean up project which began about a week ago has been stopped because of an unexpected amount of ordinance from World War II. According to Mike McEvoy, who heads the clean up and replanting project, over 8,000 pounds of ordnance has been unearthed by his team. They range from hand grenades and land mines to bombs. This was unforeseen since there have been four demolition missions that were organized and sent out to Wotje to clear out the dangerous ordnance. Consequently, the Wotje project has been called off at this point due to the obvious danger.

Journal 7/19/1991

P10 National police blotter Sgt. Wayne Alee reported a drive-by shooting near the Bukot Nan Jesus Church in Delap. The suspect was identified, arrested and released to his grandparents. The weapon was confiscated by detectives.

P23 A word of history A word on etymology. Have you ever wondered where some of the words we use in ever day language in Micronesia come from? For instance, the Kosrean word “ahset.” It all began in the whaling days of the early 1800s. When sailors of the last century used the island for provisioning and other pleasures, they would often express their dissatisfaction with such classic metaphors as “Ah Shit.” Ever since those colorful days the Kosraen islanders have used “ahset” to mean “foreigner.”

Journal 7/21/2000

P3 Sports showcase in Majuro The Marshalls will showcase the best basketball teams in the Micronesian sub-region during Outrigger’s Micronesian Basketball Tournament 2000 that kicks off in Majuro next Thursday. It is the largest sporting event to be held here, with a total of 15 teams competing.

P8 Meck security a mockery (letter) I heard of an incident which happened on Meck Island last week about a group of two members of Greenpeace who invaded the island by trespassing and purposely conducting a peaceful protest. I am just wondering how these people were able to get there when security is dry tight in Kwajalein. The police force on Kwajalein were probably so busy checking on details of movements the Marshallese might make while going in and out of Kwajalein Island that the guards didn’t bother checking on who is supposed to be going or not going to Meck Island. The checking of ladies purses and laundry bags coming in and out of Kwajalein Island seems to have taken over their priorities. —Kunio D. Lemari, Wotho Representative to Nitijela