RMI veterans mark Memorial Day

Local veterans of the US armed services joined with US Ambassador Roxanne Cabral (seated, left) to open their new American Legion Post 22 office at the Marshall Islands Resort May 31. They also honored US Memorial Day as part of the opening of the new office. Photo: Wilmer Joel.


As a proclamation by US President Joe Biden proclaimed Memorial Day on May 31, 2021 for those in the American Armed Forces who have made the ultimate sacrifice in service their countries, a memorial day event was held at the Marshall Islands Resort (MIR), with the raising of the flag as the start for the ceremony.

Those in attendance of this memorial commemoration were US Ambassador Roxanne Cabral, Ebon Nitijela Member John Silk, Marshallese military veterans, RMI Red Cross Secretary General Ainrik George, staff from the US Embassy, MIR General Manager Hirobo Obeketang, photographer Chewy Lin, as well as other distinguished guests.

After the raising of the flag, the RMI Returning Warriors then went hands on with their military drill led by Majuro American Legion Post 22 commander Pamela Rubon by doing a great deal of pushups.

Ambassador Cabral then recited President Biden’s proclamation: “On Memorial Day, we honor and reflect upon the courage, integrity, and selfless dedication of the members of our Armed Forces who have made the greatest sacrifice in service to our Nations.

Whether in the waters of the Pacific, on the beachheads of Europe, in the deserts of the Middle East, or in the mountains of Afghanistan, American and RMI service members have given their lives to uphold the Constitution and to defend the safety and freedoms of our citizens.”

Afterward a ribbon cutting ceremony took place for the opening of the new American Legion Post 22 office for RMI military veterans and soldiers donated by MIR.

Ambassador Cabral and Commander Rubon did the honors in cutting the newly renovated office.


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