RMI’s highest ranking grad

Journal 5/18/1982

P1 Marshalls asks Compact level funding for ’83 The Marshall Islands delegation headed by Finance Minister Atjang Paul appeared Thursday before a subcommittee of the US Senate Committee on Appropriations to present the 1983 budget for the RMI. The budget presented was based on the Compact of Free Association and it is considerably higher than the budget presented to the Senate by the Department of the Interior. 

P5 MIHS holds open house Marshall Islands High School held its annual open house May 14. Although the ladies and girls dresses made by the Home Ec classes were quite popular, the surprising things were the “ranke” or coconut graters and the pandanus scrapers or “kilok.” All the kilok and rankes were sold. Other popular wares made by the vocational students were cabinets, stools, chairs and ironing boards.

Journal 5/20/1994

P3 V7KA is instant success Getting a phone call through to V7KA, the Kwajalein Atoll Development Authority’s new radio station, following its opening ceremony last week Monday was practically impossible due to the barrage of calls keeping the line busy. The opening ceremony was carried live on the new 92.1FM station, reported Steve Whitehead who installed the radio station for KADA and witnessed the birth of the wildly popular station.

P11 Notice from the Ministry of Health Congratulations Wilfred Alik for obtaining your Medical Doctor degree from John A. Burns School of Medicine, University of Hawaii. We are all proud of you. Jeramman!

P21 Alcohol violators told: Pay fine or leave, forever A 23-year-old man and four teenagers found consuming alcohol on Tabonibara village, North Tarawa, Kiribati, have been found guilty of breaking the village’s golden rule — no alcohol — and were told by the traditional court, consisting of the entire village population including their own close relatives, to pay $50 each in four weeks or be exiled from Tabonibara.

P22 FNTC awards degrees to 23 grads Friends, family and government officials attended the first graduation of the Marshall Islands Fisheries and Nautical Training Center May 13 at the former Nitijela chamber. “Today 23 students will graduate in fulfillment of the training objectives set by the marshall islands Marine Resources Authority in 1992, said FNTC Principal Larry Muller. R&D Minister Amsa Jonathan and MIMRA Director Danny Wase conferred certificates on the graduates.

Journal 5/20/2005

P1 Nauru in rags, ROC has riches Nauru is the newest Pacific country to recognize Taiwan. It made the switch from China earlier this week. The Nauru move comes just two weeks after President Ludwig Scotty met with Taiwan President Chen Shui-bian in Majuro — a move that was sharply criticized at the time by the Chinese ambassador to Nauru. Nauru had had long-standing ties with Taiwan until former President Rene Harris changed to China in 2002. It is the sixth Pacific nation to recognize Taiwan.

P3 RMI grad Dr. Hilda Heine had plenty of family to wish her well at her University of Southern California graduation last week, when she officially received her Ph.D, becoming the first Marshallese to do so. Joining her at the ceremony were Jim Philippo, Dr. Wilfred Alik, Kaiki Alik, Daisy Momotaro, Johnny and Winifred Alik, and Angeline Heine.

P21 Juanita is in a position of power Ebeye power plant’s diesel engines are blasting away behind the plexiglass windows at the KAJUR power plant. At a desk, checking her routine “punch list” and minoring the gauges on the engine consoles is Juanita Kalles — at this moment, the only person on duty in the control room of the plant that supplies electricity to the 12,000 people on Ebeye and to the string of islands stretching north of Ebeye to Gugeegue. But this is not big deal for Kalles, the first and only woman working in a power plant in the Marshall Islands. “She’s one of my reliable power plant operators,” said KAJUR General Manager Tusi Fa’afetai.