ROC patrol boat rescues captain

Captain Hong Ming-Sheng in Majuro Hospital after having been rescued by the ROC patrol boat. Photos: Eve Burns and ROC Embassy.


Captain Hong Ming-Sheng of the Taiwan fishing vessel Sheng I Tsai No. 368 is recovering in Majuro hospital after being rescued by the Taiwan patrol boat Hsun Hu No. 8 near Enen Kio (a.k.a. Wake Island) last week. 

First Secretary at the Taiwan Embassy Mars Wang said the captain, who suffered a small stroke on the high seas, is doing well and recovering: “He continues to be in hospital for observation and treatment. When he recovers completely, the ship’s owners will take him back to Taiwan.”

The patrol boat arrived in Majuro on Saturday, October 12. “They came in to Majuro for provisions,” Mars said. On the following Tuesday, they were given instructions to rescue Captain Hong, and left Majuro the following day. 

As the Hsun Hu motored north, the captain’s ship the Sheng I Tsai was hurrying south. “They met half way and transferred the captain and one Indonesian crew to the patrol boat.”

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