ROC unveils Laura hydroponic option

Taiwan, US and RMI VIPs line up for a photo holding hydroponically grown vegetables to promote the new program at the Laura-based Taiwan Technical Mission. Photo: Eve Burns.

Taiwan Technical Mission (TTM) located at Laura celebrated the “Enhancing Livelihood through Smart Agriculture” project last Saturday.

A new hydroponic system was officially kicked off January 18 by visiting Republic of China (Taiwan) Deputy Foreign Minister Dr. Hsu Szu-chien with Minister of Natural Resources and Commerce Sandy Alfred. Hydroponics is a method of growing plants in a water-based

nutrients solution without soil, which is a more ideal way to produce plants and vegetable in the Marshall Islands due to lack of fertile soil. Hydroponic technology will be used by TTM to try to improve the production of vegetables in the Marshall Islands. The project is seen as important for agricultural development generally but also for its potential health and economic impact.

A steady supply of produce at low prices will lead to more consumption of vegetables, said participants at Saturday’s event in Laura. The project will be helping farmers to make more income, which will be good for economic development.

In his remarks, Hsu said “as the project would be considered a new stage of the agricultural cooperation between the two countries,” he encouraged the staff of TTM to keep up the good work and continue to team up with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Commerce and others in making the project a success.

Alfred welcomed Hsu and thanked him for coming to the Marshall Islands. Minister Kitlang Kabua, Majuro Nitijela Member Stephen Phillips, Councilman Jina David and Darrel Malachi all graced the ceremony at Laura with their presence.

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