Ronnie’s marlin wins All-Mike

Team KBE, captained by KBE Executive Councilman Nixon Jibas, took second place in the marlin contest with this 166 pounder, and second place in the tuna competition, with a 46 pound yellowfin. Miss All Micronesia Debby Schutz is pictured with Team KBE. Photo: Wilmer Joel.

Plenty of fish, but no seriously large ones, highlighted the 29th Annual All Micronesia Fishing Tournament in Majuro hosted by the Marshalls Billfish Club last weekend.

Team Kirtake Captain Ronnie Reimers won the marlin contest and $4,000 with a 194lb marlin.

Interestingly, two categories of fish had anglers tied for the top prizes, while Team PNA captained by Loreen Bigler, won the top wahoo prize, with a 42lb fish.

The winners:
• Marlin: Team Kirtake Captain Ronnie took first. In the second spot was Team KBE Captain Nixon Jibas with a 166lb marlin, while in third was Team MALGov Captain Ladie Jack with a 111lb catch.
• Barracuda: Team Saipan captained by Baron Bigler and Team Kirtake tied for first place in the barracuda category, both reeling in 21 pounders. They each received $875 for their catches. Captain Baron also won the second place with a 17lb fish, while Team Great Britain captained by Ian Pickering took third with a 15lb barracuda.
• Yellowfin tuna: First place was a tie between Team RMI 1 Captain Damien Milne and Team RMI 2 Captain Ace Doulatram, both with a 54lb catch worth $1,400 each. Second place went to Team KBE Captain Nixon with a 46lb catch, and third was Team RMI 1 Captain Damien with a 44lb tuna.
• Wahoo: Team PNA Captain Loreen won first with a 42lb fish worth $1,750. Second went to Team RMI 2 Captain Ace for his 35lb wahoo, and Team Saipan Captain Baron took third with a 34lb fish.
Other prizes of significance:
• Team RMI 1 Captain Damien received $3,000 for most total pounds (483) and winning charter boat.
• Team Kirtake was awarded $500 for the catch and release of a marlin.
• Best anglers, who each won a $50 gift certificate to Payless: for youth – Joseph Pickering; for females – Loreen Bigler, Berry Muller, and Kooki Pinho.