Schools brace for Covid-19

Marshall Islands High School grade 9A teacher Peni Seru helps clean up the school campus with his students recently. Photo: Wilmer Joel.


The global pandemic known as the coronavirus has made many countries across the world go into lockdown, closing down their schools.

More than ever before, the government of the Marshall Islands including Ministry Of Health and Ministry of Education have taken lot of measures to help prevent the virus from coming to the Marshall Islands, especially the schools.

“You know,” said MIHS ninth grade English teacher and pastor Peni Seru, “I am so proud of the leaders here in the Marshall Islands. That’s what I usually tell my students. They are doing the right thing. They closed down their borders from airplane and ships when the epidemic started spreading all across the world. They know that prevention is better than cure.”

He explained that in his country, Fiji, the coronavirus, which is known as Covid-19, has taken root. Now they too are closing their borders. “Well it’s too late,” he said. “They could have closed our borders when they heard about the outbreak,” Seru said.
Meanwhile, RMI public schools took their spring break early, putting all schools on holiday this week. A decision to close the schools for a longer duration is pending with government authorities.
Some of the school activities and gatherings have already been cancelled and postponed. Marshall Islands High School postponed its fundraising variety show until further notice.
Majuro Baptist Christian Adacemy (MBCA) is the only school in Majuro that is having school sessions on Saturdays with the aim of completing the semester early. “We want make to sure that every student here in MBCA finishes their school assignments and assessment,” said MBCA teacher Brett Taylor. “So that if there is an unexpected school lockdown here in Majuro, there is no missing work and everyone is graded.” MBCA is aiming to finish school early as soon as April 30.

With all of these things that are happening, the effect on the student about this issue differ from each other. Each has a different point of view on this matter. For some students, having no school leaves them unhappy.

“I feel very bored that we have nothing to do at home,” said middle school student Joseph Joel. “All I have to do now is just lay on the bed doing nothing.”
But for some students, it is very essential not to have school. “It’s good that there is no school,” said RES student Abna Jorlang. “I can stay home and sleep to my heart’s content. And I get to play with my friends and have fun!”

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