Shipping in TT being neglected

tw-pic-12-2Journal 12/3/1974

P1 Shipping in TT marked by neglect After completing a 24-day survey of shipping services and port facilities through Micronesia last week, Truk Representative Sasauo Haruo said, “neglect, a lack of funds and misplaced priorities” by the Trust Territory and US government have resulted in “an obsolete fleet, generally inadequate port facilities, and an overall lack of planning for a viable shipping system in the Trust Territory.”

P3 $10,000 no longer does the job It used to be a while ago that a local trading ship in the Marshalls could get away with carrying as little as $10,000 cash for buying copra on the outer islands here in the copra district of Micronesia, but according to one private ship owner here those days are gone. “Because of the new prices for copra, we must carry at least $30,000 in cash and sometimes that is not enough,” says Majuro ship operator Ajidrik Bien, who operates the MV Angeline.

P5 Ruining your image I just received my current copy of the Micronesian Independent and opened it to the front page to find that something is very wrong. Where are the crooked columns? The ink smeared all over? What are you trying to do, ruin your image? You better shape up or people will begin to talk. —Bruce Jensen

Journal 12/6/1991

P3 Ebeye: Severe damage Damage to Ebeye from the tropical storm which has drawn the name “Zelda” is extensive, according to Joel Philip of Moylan’s Insurance Agency. Joel traveled to Ebeye over the weekend to assess first hand the extent of damage. Some of the houses on the ocean side have been moved across the road and some of them are sitting on the road,” he said.

P6 Judge sworn in Presiding Judge of the District Court Beia Lalej was officially sworn in during a ceremony conducted November 29 at the Majuro court house. Conducting the ceremony was Judge Witten Philippo, and in attendance were Nelly Lalej and Chief Justice Neil Rutledge.

Journal 12/8/2000

P3 Praise for RRE pearl farms Robert Reimers Enterprises received a pat on the back from a regional aquaculture expert for its investment in pearl oyster and clam farms in the Marshall Islands. “RRE’s farms are an example of what can be done in Micronesia,” said Simon Ellis, a regional aquaculture extension agent for the College of Micronesia’s Land Grant program. “The potential is here (RMI and FSM) for a major pearl industry.”

P3 Ring: ‘Our copra is turning to dust’ Ailinglaplap Atoll businesses and copra makers are being hurt by the lack of shipping service to their central atoll, said Remming Ring, who runs a business on Woja Island in Ailignlaplap. He said the atoll has seen only one visit in the last nine months.

P7 Pity our poor and undernourished kids The malnutrition situation is not improving in the Marshall Islands, two government health workers told the Journal. A 1998 study documented that more than half of Majuro public elementary school students were undernourished. Ministry of Health’s nutrition unit coordinator Julia Alfred said she doesn’t think nutrition levels have improved. Ministry of Internal Affairs staff Ione deBrum was more blunt: “I think nutrition levels are worse. It’s not getting better.”