Suicide at Micronitor?

Journal 12/14/1973

P1 Blowing our horn Micronitor died this week, the victim of an apparent suicide. She wasn’t old as newspapers go, would have been four years old exactly come February. Friends of the bygone forerunner of Micronesian journalism have expressed legitimate concern for the passing of what many readers claimed was always a lively and entertaining publication. She is, however, survived. In this case, the name happens to be Micronesian Independent. Our new name, hopefully, will convey two messages: 1) that we are Micronesian in outlook and concern, and 2) that we are independent.

P12 Nauruans wow Marshallese Residents of Majuro had a first time ever treat last week, and it came in the form of a visit by the Aces Football Club of the Republic of Nauru. The Club, consisting of approximately 40 young men from Micronesia’s only independent nation, arrived in Majuro December 7 aboard a regular Air Nauru flight. From the first it was apparent the visit was to be one liberally laced with informality and friendliness. They engaged several teams from Marshall Islands High School in a tournament of basketball, volleyball, tennis and baseball. In the late evenings the Nauruans gathered with local people atop Mieco enjoying the delights of the two live all-girl Korean bands. One of the bands, the Thunder Chicks, entertained the visitors with a song in Nauruan which they picked up during a recent engagement in the Republic. It was a goodwill visit, and act of friendliness on the part of the young Nauruans, and they pulled it off splendidly. The only anxiety remaining in the aftermath of their visit is when and how to arrange something like this again.

Journal 12/11/1992

P16 MEC’s Majuro plant ‘best run in Pacific’ “We have found that MEC has the best run, most efficient operating power plant system in the Pacific,” said Hugo Stanley, the training offer for the American Samoa Power Authority, who was in Majuro last week. “Before, no one knew. Why go to Boston or Adelaide when under the ‘Buddy System’ we can share expertise within the region.” Two staff from the American Samoa Power Authority were in Majuro last week working at MEC’s Majuro plant. When they finish, MEC staff will travel to Samoa to share skills and learn from the Samoans, Stanley said.

P21 Marshalls is 143rd stop Eight years, 61 tires, seven passports and 142 countries later, motorcyclist Emilio Scotto and his wife Monica arrived in Majuro on the second part of their round-the-world trip by motorcycle. Touching ground in Majuro brought their countries visited to 143, with 72 more to go.

P22 Top singers The three assistant secretaries of Health — Justina Langidrik, Raynard Gideon and Russell Edwards — have talents besides running the health care delivery system in the Marshalls. They got together recently to sing a song for the regional family planning conference in Majuro.

Journal 12/5/2003

P3 Our golden girl RMI player Kimberly Briand, chosen as the most valuable player in the high school volleyball tournament held in Saipan last week, showed off her trophies and the gold medal to President Kessai Note in a ceremony to recognize both the gold medal-winning RMI girls volleyball team and the bronze medal-winning RMI boys basketball team that played in the 22-and-under tournament in Palau.

P4 Outrigger management out? Outrigger Hotels in Honolulu has given notice that it intends to terminate its management of the Outrigger Marshall Isalnds Resort in Majuro in early January 2004. “We can no longer operate in a situation that poses increasing safety risks for our valued employees and guests,” Outrigger’s chief operating officer Perry Sorenson said. He said the Majuro hotel has “a number of serious structural and others problems,” and added Outrigger has “consistently documented our concerns about this steady deterioration since early 2002.”

P8 Birth of Mieco Beach Yacht Club Watching a sea of sails on Majuro’s lagoon is soon to be a monthly event, following a meeting of the founding members of Majuro’s newest yacht club last Thursday. Commodore of the Mieco Beach Yacht Club is former RMI judge and now private attorney Dee Johnson.