Super bowl comes to town

Journal 8/14/1981

P1 Kabua back from Washington President Amata Kabua arrived back from his official visit to the United States this morning aboard a US Air Force C-141 aircraft. He was escorted here by Kwajalein Missile Range Commander, Col. Peter Wittereid. Lined up at the terminal were many top government officials who made sure there was no repeat of the widely-publicized lack of reception upon return from the President’s recent trip to Japan.

P1 Servco to open wholesale outlet Servco, which operates Gibson’s department stores in Hawaii and Guam (and other businesses) is going to set up a wholesale operation here soon, according to Jerry Kramer of PII, which hopes to build the building.

P3 Jemenei holds grand opening It’s as though a piece of the famous Tokyo Ginza dropped out of the sky and landed intact on an inscrutable piece of land adjacent to Majuro’s old dock. This, at least, was the impression conveyed by one guest attending the grand opening of the Jemeni Corporation’s Gift Shop and Bar.

P12 Maddison elected vice chairwoman Pacific island women are asserting themselves these days more than ever before and certainly more than their mothers and grandmothers ever dreamed of. The recently held Conference of Pacific Women in Papeete, Tahiti made that abundantly clear. There were delegates from all countries in the Pacific, according to Sr. Dorothy Nook, one of the delegates from the Marshalls. Marie Maddison, chairwoman of the Public Service Commission, was chosen vice chairwoman of the conference.

Journal 8/13/1993

P1 A capitol idea The brand new, shiny capitol building is complete and government staff are moving in as the nation prepares for the building’s grand opening.

P11 USAKA goes back to the future Next week it becomes official: The US Army Kwajalein Atoll will convert to the same time as the rest of the Marshall Islands. Midnight Friday, August 30 is when USAKA will join the rest of the Marshalls on this side of the international dateline. They will lose Saturday August 21 and spring forward to the future — to Sunday morning August 22.

P11 Big deal The inaugural flight into Ebon Atoll late last month by Air Marshall Islands was a happy occasion for Mayor Enta Peter and islanders who turned out to greet Public Works Minister Antonio Eliu and Senator Mike Kabua.

P13 Catholic community celebrates its independence The Catholic community in the Marshall Islands this Sunday will celebrate its independence from the Diocese of the Caroline Islands and move towards becoming a full-fledged diocese in its own right. The move by the Vatican to recognize the church in the Marshalls will be official Sunday afternoon when the Marshalls Catholic Church becomes a Prefecture Apostolic and Fr. James Gould, SJ, the Prefect.

P18 Entertainment center What’s black, round, has three holes and will give you hours of excitement? Try a bowling ball at Majuro’s first bowling alley, now under construction in Uliga. Phillip and Linda Muller through their business Krystle Enterprises plan to open Majuro’s first bowling alley and entertainment center.

Journal 8/6/2004

P1 Testing time for teachers More than 150 teachers, principals and education administrators from the Ministry of Education — including Secretary Biram Stege — took the first, and much-debated, pilot teacher test on Tuesday this week at Majuro Middle School.

P28 Are you aware That the Lord’s Prayer has 66 words, the Gettysburg Address 286 words, the Declaration of Independence 1,300 words and the US government regulations on the sale of cabbage 26,911 words?