John Mangefel

UCC inducts Iroij deacons

Journal 4/13/1982 P1 Cutoffs bring results The disconnection threat made by Public Works April 1 concerning delinquent customers of the government utility service must have worked because Public Works is $120,000 richer today from the money it collected from its customers. Public Works secretary Noel Bigler said even though there were over 400 houses that […]

Fire engulfs 12 homes

Journal 4/6/1982 P6 Yap Governor: Development a matter of survival Yap Governor John Mangefel declared last week that emphasis would shift to economic development as his administration’s number one priority. “The state of Yap, like the rest of the FSM, needs economic development: not as a matter of principle or because ‘it would be nice’ […]