UCC inducts Iroij deacons

Journal 4/13/1982

P1 Cutoffs bring results The disconnection threat made by Public Works April 1 concerning delinquent customers of the government utility service must have worked because Public Works is $120,000 richer today from the money it collected from its customers. Public Works secretary Noel Bigler said even though there were over 400 houses that were on the disconnection list, only about 40 were actually disconnected as people began making payments on their long overdue bills.

P3 New deacons Iroij Mo Jitiam and Iroij Kabua Kabua were inducted as deacons of the United Church of Christ of the Marshall Islands in a ceremony at Uliga Memorial Church on Easter.

P6 Stone money not enough Saying he has lost count about the number of times the TT Headquarters failed to send the government paychecks to Yap on time, Gov. John Mangefel demanded an explanation for the delay from Saipan last week. Mangefel, a man known for always keeping his cool, lost it this time when the paychecks failed to come on time for the second pay periods in a row.

Journal 4/15/1994

P5 Highest level President Amata Kabua was on hand Thursday night to congratulate all Micro Games athletes. It’s a good thing the athletes kept better time in Guam than they did for the ceremony — otherwise, we’d have suffered a lot of forfeits for being late. However, the delay in starting didn’t change the warm words of encouragement that the President extended to the athletes and coaches. “Respect.” That’s what the Marshalls won in Guam (aside from the 47 medals). “We played hard, we behaved ourselves, and we gained the respect of the other nations,” said Kirt Pinho at Thursday night’s welcome back ceremony at the Weather Station.

P14 JICA, RMI okay Delap building site Japan and Marshall Islands officials approved a construction plan Friday for the second phase of the Marshall Islands High School upgrading and development program that calls for a large education and cultural center (ECC) to be build in Delap on the old runway between the Bukot Nan Jesus Church and the defunct milk factory.

P16 Outer islands plan exciting health month The outer islands are gearing up for lots of excitement this month — in the name of health. Wotje is opening its National Health Month celebrations Thursday with a 10-float parade, followed by basket weaving, juggling, tug of war and volleyball and basketball competitions. On Namdrik, canoe racing will be the featured event. Jabat is planning a baseball and volleyball competition, and their Youth to Youth in Health chapter will be performing skits on smoking and drinking problems. Arno and Ulien islands are teaming up for their opening ceremony, after which juggling, pingpong, basket weaving, coconut husking, baseball and basketball games will happen. 

Journal 4/15/2005

P1 More cancers still to come A US study on cancer in the Marshall Isalnds released this week estimates that about 530 dances attributable to radiation exposure could occur in the 13,940 people alive in the RMI in 1954 — and that more than 55 percent of these cancers are yet to develop or be diagnosed. 

P4 ROC President’s May visit includes huge entourage Taiwan President Chen Shui-bian’s visit to the Marshall Islands will feature a special trade show in addition to his participation in celebrations marking Constitution Day. Chen is expected to arrive May 1 with an entourage of more than 140 people, including 40 media.

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