Taiwan donation for early diagnosis

Health Minister Ota Kisino, right, joined with Taiwan Ambassador Steve CC Hsia, standing next to him, and other health officials for the donation of a new colonoscopy machine for Majuro hospital.

An increasing number of patients in RMI are being diagnosed with gastrointestinal cancer while the sole colonoscopy system at Majuro hospital has been non-operational for months, impacting the capacity for clinical diagnosis and treatment, reports the Ministry of Health and Human Services.

In response to this urgent healthcare need, Taiwan’s Shuang Ho Hospital and Majuro hospital, agreed to a plan for the dispatch of a gastroenterology expert to the Marshall Islands in June for short-term medical services.

Alongside this medical mission, Shuang Ho Hospital also contacted the Taiwan Global Medical Instrument Support and Service Program, which generously donated a complete colonoscopy set to Majuro hospital. This initiative not only facilitates expanded access to colonoscopy screening services by gastroenterologists in June but also Majuro hospital can sustain its role in providing diagnostic and treatment solutions for local residents.

Last Friday, Taiwan Ambassador Steve C.C. Hsia and Minister of Health and Human Services Ota Kisino and numerous health officials joined together for the donation of the equipment.


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