Top honors for Ri-Majols

Journal 3/29/1983

P2 Among other things by Akio Heine Not too long ago, one of the local movie theaters showed: “She’s 17 and Anxious.” This week, they played: “She’s 19 and Ready.” Judging by these two titles, we won’t be surprised if they bring “She’s 21 and Eager.” After that, it’s anybody’s guess. We wish simpler movie titles like “Gandhi” are imported instead.

Journal 3/31/1995

P1 IMF: Tough choices ahead The International Monetary Fund mission delivered a straightforward financial message to the Marshall Islands government this week: privatize, encourage private sector investments and prepare immediately for the end of the Compact in 2001.

P4 Strauss files claims to release $334,000 to Kwajalein landowners A large group of Kwajalein landowners is seeking a High Court order to release more than $334,000 of World War II claims payments. Attorney David Strauss, who engineered the release of hundreds of thousands of dollars of war claims payments to Mili Islanders last year, filed 14 cases on behalf of 32 Kwajalein landowners and the United Church of Christ to gain release of $334,599.44 from Kwajalein war claims decision 8988. A potion — $287,180 — of the $1 million claim was paid to Iroojlaplaps Kabua Kabua, Lejellan Kabua and Albert Loeak following the decision in 1976. The balance of $790,011 has been in escrow since.

P5 Top of the class Six Marshallese students at US universities were congratulated this week by the Marshall Islands Scholarship, Grant and Loan Board for making honor rolls at their schools. Several of the students didn’t just make the honor roll, they were at the top. Heading the list is Tina Stege, daughter of Scott and Biram Stege, who ran up a perfect 4.0 grade point average (GPA) at Princeton University. Sherryll Keith, daughter of Martin and Wina Keith, had a 3.93 GPA at Baylor University in Texas. Saana Aho, daughter of Dr. Masao and Rosina Korean, had a 3.82 GPA at the University of Portland. Benjamin Graham, daughter of Bill and Risi Graham, had a 3.53 GPA at the University of Hawaii. Kenneth Kramer, son of Jerry and Mercy Kramer, had a 3.28 GPA at Portland State University. Ionna Bing, daughter of Alex and Althea Bing, had a 3.0 GPA at St. Mary College.

P14 Local beer praised by KYC Republic Brewery’s locally made beer is the “talk of the town” on Kwajalein, according to officials there. “The beer supplied by the Republic Brewery was truly above and beyond our expectations in regards to taste and quality of the beer,” Kwajalein Yacht Club quartermaster Christopher Gale wrote to Republic Brewery’s Paul Fullerton. “The beer has been the talk of the town and severe people have started to inquire about getting keeps sent for other functions.”

P21 Be all you can be Canita Rilometo was sworn into the US Army in Hawaii recently. She is the daughter of Harold and Juanita Rilometo of Majuro. At her graduation last year from Marshall Islands High School she was the salutatorian.

Journal 3/31/2006

P3 Mary: Time to stop teen pregnancies The Marshall Islands government put the spotlight on the high rate of pregnancies by teenage mothers at the opening of a three-day Girls’ Forum in Majuro this week. President Kessai Note and First Lady Mary Note led a lineup of top government elders who turned up in a show of concern about the teen pregnancy problem in the country. “Teen pregnancy is a problem we have to address and reduce,” the First Lady said.

P11 Car control There are some new traffic control guys over at Marshall Islands High School who are helping students to get safely across the main road during school hours. We saw Leban Joash, Jason Joran and Cutty Wase practicing a complicated series of hand signals to use for directing vehicles and pedestrians.

P21 Marshalls’ children at risk Three of every 10 children in Majuro who are two years old and younger are not fully immunized, according to a report issued this week by the Economic Policy, Planning and Statistics Office.The three atolls and islands with the highest immunization completion rate are Majuro, Utrok and Jabot. But none of these exceeded 70 percent in 2004. To be fully immunized by age two, a child needs to have 15 shots. The lowest rate was 25 percent completion on Ebon, Lib and Lae.

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