Tuna fish for AMI success

TW-pic-11-6Journal 11/11/1977

P1 Keju: Most delegates against the parliamentary constitution Opposition thorn Jinna Keju claims that 60 percent o the members of the Marshall Islands Constitution are against a recently drafted parliamentary-type constitution for the Marshalls and prefer instead a presidential form of government similar to that presently in the United States. Keju, who was the center of an extended credentials debate before being seated in the local constitution convention, and who is openly identified with the minority opposition group Ainikien Dri Marshall, says that most convention delegates oppose the present form of the constitution but are afraid to say so for fear that their iroij will remove them from their land. Asked why he didn’t share that fear, Keju replied: “Because I know the iroij cannot do that (throw people off land) — they have to go to court.”

P3 Medical care in Trust Territory may deteriorate after 1981 The scope and quality of medical care presently available in the Trusteeship will probably worsen after a new political status is agreed to, according to the Micronesian Health Coordinating Council which met in Saipan in October. Council members are in agreement that something must be done to improve medical care in Micronesia before termination of the Trusteeship, which is tentatively scheduled for 1981.

Journal 11/9/1990

P5 Brugman sees tuna as AMI key New Air Marshall Islands manager Don Brugman said that fish is the key to the future success of the airline, and he foresees expansion of jet service in the near future as fishing operations increase here. “Tuna will be the catalyst for this airline,” he said.

P5 Note from the DMZ Mackbi Bwijko is at Camp Pelham, just next to the border between North and South Korea. He says the Army base is only as big as the MIHS campus, and in a week he’s gotten to know everyone. About this time of year, it starts to get freezing cold in that part of the world, too.

P8 Night court for Majuro Night court sessions in Majuro? That’s right, and its starting this week Thursday. District Court Judge Tony Korab said that the court will begin regular Tuesday and Thursday evening sessions from 5:30pm to 9pm. He said limited courtroom space has forced the judiciary to adopt a night court schedule in order to handle the heavy load of cases.

P9 Wotje school gets going The new Wotje public high school gets off the ground this week with a groundbreaking ceremony on the northern atoll. Education Secretary Marie Maddison said a group of Education officials will travel to Wotje for the ceremony. The northern islands high school has been in the planning stages for years.

P28 Brand-X defense grounds high flying Golden Jets Brand-X did the “impossible” Saturday night, stunning the high flying Golden Jets 86-75 before a packed MIHS gym. It was the Jets’ first lost after 18 consecutive wins. The game was halted for some minutes midway into the first half while league organizers hunted for a replacement referee when one of the officials refused to continue. The game was extremely physical, with both teams complaining about a lack of calls throughout the game. Brand-X’s Ivy led all scorers with 29, while Rantly led the Jets with 25.

Journal 11/5/1999

P1 Strange bedfellows: Party flip-flops and ad hoc alliances create a spicy, entertaining run-up to November 15 Less than two weeks to go and everybody is on the edge of their seats in anticipation of what promises to be one of the more exciting days in the past century of the Marshall Islands. Emerging from groves of coconut trees and into the forefront of international politics, the Marshall Islands ranges from diplomatic insouciance to fundamental Christian propriety, from disco passion and alcoholic stupor to tender all night sessions sitting in witness to the dead, from knee-jerk obedience to tradition to in-your-face accusation that shocks the sensibilities of audiences and titillates lawyers into dreams of libel action. Whoop-dee-do! It’s election time!

P7 Vote count will be held at ECC The Education Cultural Center in Delap is going to be vote-tabulation headquarters, said Electoral Administrator Joseph Jorlang. “We’re going to try to finish the countering in three days,” he said.