UFOs land on Bikini

Journal 12/3/1976

P10 Marshalls Status Commission moves to include opposition

Marshall Islands District Administrator Oscar deBrum named Congressman Ekpap Silk to a vacancy on the Marshall Islands Political Status Commission created by the resignation last week of Marshalls Education Director Kinja Andrike. The appointment of Congressman Silk, a veteran political status negotiator who had been identified with supporters of unity for Micronesia, to the separatist-oriented Marshalls Status Commission was unexpected. Congressman Silk’s appointment is the first form the Marshalls political faction which has opposed the separatist movement led by Senator Amata Kabua, the commission chairman.

Journal 12/4/1992

P1 We’re doing it!

The Marshalls blessed 10 new fishing boats — five owned locally and I’ve by the Marshalls’ joint venture partner, the first of a larger fleet to arrive in Majuro — in a gala ceremony jam-packed by more than 1,000 Majuro residents at Uliga Dock Friday. That this fishing venture is seen as a key element in the economic future of the Marshalls was underscored by the presence of President Amata Kabua and many elected and business leaders. President Kabua commented that with the christening of the longline vessels belonging to the Marshalls and joint venture partner Larry Mehau, the Marshalls was truly set to launch its own fishing industry. “For 40 years others have been taking billions of dollars (in fish) from our ocean,” he said. “Now, Marshallese can do it.”

P4 UFOs land on Bikini

Two unidentified floating objects containing a whir, powdery substance that is believed to be a narcotic washed up on the ocean side of Bikini atoll last weekend and are now in the custody of Kwajalein Army officials. The two packages, weighing about 20 pounds, were encased in plastic bags and an outer rubber sack.

P10 Bikini Group in England

On its way to Vienna, Austria to meet with the International Atomic Energy Agency, a Bikini delegation stopped off in London and was suitably outfitted foe the cold weather in overcoats and gloves. In the delegation was Mayor Tomaki Juda, Johnny Johnson, Andy Bill, Minus Samuel, Lucky Juda, Jack Niedenthal, Nathan Note, Kathaejar Jibas and Billy Jakeo.

P19 CMI prepares to take full control

The College of the Marshall Islands will soon break from the College of Micronesia system, becoming a fully independent college with its own board of recents.

P21 These guys are the best

The Rebels won the President’s Day basketball tournament with some sharp shooting and good defense. Social Service’s Linust Lanki presented a trophy to representatives of the team: Melvin Majmeto, Jim Graham, David Kramer and Stephen Phillip.

Journal 11/28/2003

P7 Pearls sell well

Last week’s pearl auction went “better than expected,” according to RRE’s Jessica Reimers. “It was the first time for a pearl auction int he Marshall Islands and I thought people would be too shy to bid,” she said. “But people kept outbidding each other and the room at Outrigger was packed.”

P11 US firm buys clam farm

Robert Reimers Enterprises clam farm was sold this month to the Florida company Oceans Reefs and Aquariums. Company president Kevin Gaines told the Journal his company is “here for the long term” and plans to initially spend about $100,000 to expand the farm.