Ujae building a voyaging canoe

Journal 12/4/1981

P1 Domnick wins Maloelap Secretary of Public Works Charles Takao Domnick is unofficially Nitijela’s newest member by winning the Maloelap seat, formerly held by late Vice Speaker Namo Hermios. Domnick received the most votes with 2209. Lomes McKay has 106. Michael Konelios and Biram Stege each got 102 votes.

P1 Iaman to open clinic Dr. John Iaman will open his clinic this coming Monday. The clinic has its own well-stock pharmacy.

P7 Mili election set for January A special election for the Nitijela seat for Mili Atoll has been called for 15 January 1982, according to Shiro Riklon, chief electoral officer. Chief Justice Harold Burnett in October ordered a new election because unregistered voters were allowed to vote in the April 1979 election.

P10 Katsuobushi plant preparing to open in Majuro A new business venture determined to develop a local Kabsuobushi plant is preparing to begin operation, according to Yoshiaki Osanai, president of Nankatsu Corporation. It is anticipated that as many as 30 local people will be hired to work in the factory. Osanai explained that the fisheries business will involve coastal operation to obtain bait in order to catch bonita. Katsuobushi is dried bonita used widely as a soup base in Japan.

Journal 12/3/1993

P3 Nuke $ earns 18.5% Marshall Islands nuclear investments maintained a record-setting pace through the end of September, but the government’s money managers are predicting that the high earnings will not continue. Shearson Lehman Brothers Vice Presidents Dan Roland and George Dunn were in Majuro this week making their quarterly report to the government. To date, the fund has paid $116.9 million and stands at $123.8 million.

P6 Ujae building voyaging canoe Ujae Islanders are going to build their first voyaging canoe (“walap”) in more than 30 years beginning early next year. The last phase of the Waan Aelon Kein (Canoes of these islands) project of documenting canoe designs by building canoes is already stimulating enthusiasm from island leaders.

P14 Fishing fleet to double The Majuro-based fishing fleet is expected to double in the next few days with the arrival of 12 longline fishing vessels. The vessels are owned by a Chinese group from Beijing and have until recently been based in Palau, according to Tim Mehau, the acting manager of the Majuro fishing base. Another 10 boats will follow the 12 within a month.

Journal 11/26/2004

P3 BOMI hit by Patriot Act Guam-based Citizens Security Bank has notified Bank of Marshall Islands that it will be terminating a long-standing banking agreement — the loss of which is expected to have a serious negative impact on business and individual banking services in Majuro and Ebeye. Citizens Security Bank (CSB) has provided a “payable through” service that allows BOMI to use this US bank’s routing codes on local checks, making them usable outside of the RMI. CSB is responding to requirements of the US Patriot Act, which puts the burden on US banks to insure that relationships with banks in foreign nations comply with the stringent post-September 11 banking laws.

P8 RMI winning money laundering battle The Marshall Islands earlier this month completed its first “mutual evaluation” on money laundering and “demonstrated that all the ingredients for effective anti-money laundering are there,” according to Banking Commissioner Alfred Alfred, Jr.

P28 Basketball action In the hope of a veteran’s basketball league starting in our lifetime, two years ago the Warriors bought a super set of uniforms. But sadly, when the league finally started last week, half of the players had outgrown their shorts.