United forced out of airport office

United Airlines staff were forced to vacate their main office at Amata Kabua International Airport this week due to safety concerns with the deteriorating office facility. It is located directly behind his check-in area at the airport. Photo: Eve Burns.


RMI Ports Authority continues to be beset with problems.

The latest? United Airlines moved out of its office in the main terminal of Amata Kabua International Airport earlier this week after it was determined the facility was unsafe for UA workers. Last week, a United worker reportedly “fell through the floor” on the second floor of the now-condemned UA office that is located immediately behind the check-in area at the airport, according to a Ports Authority board member. The Journal was told he was not seriously injured.

United staff said they had reported problems at the United office to Ports Authority management “for so long with no response.” The second floor of the UA office was described as “old” and “bad.”

United’s action in moving out of the office facility early this week exposed the problem publicly. One Ports board member said United’s airport facilities problem “was all brand new to me.” The board member said after speaking with UA officials earlier this week that the airport office has been falling apart for some time and they had been telling the Ports management team about it without result.

The situation did not impact the regular UA Island Hopper flights this week. It is unclear when the RMI government or Ports Authority is going to get a contractor to fix the dilapidated office.

Meanwhile, for the longer-term, Japan International Cooperation Agency is currently in the early stages of considering a RMI government request for funding to build a new airport terminal facility.


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