United resumes Majuro service

In addition to blessing the renovated Amata Kabua International Airport terminal this week, VIPs held a ribbon cutting ceremony for the new airport fire truck. From left, contractor PII CEO Jerry Kramer, US Ambassador Roxanne Cabral, Minister of Education Kitlang Kabua, and Interim Director Larry Hernandez, Jr.

United Airlines returned to handling passenger traffic for Majuro Monday this week with the evening Island Hopper flight from Guam.

Earlier in the day Monday, RMI Ports Authority and the RMI government blessed the renovated main terminal building and a new fire truck that recently arrived.

Acting President Jiba Kabua, US Ambassador Roxanne Cabral, and Interim Ports Authority Director Larry Hernandez, Jr. spoke at the event.

A ribbon cutting ceremony followed for both the terminal and the new fire truck that involved contractor PII CEO Jerry Kramer, Ambassador Cabral, Minister of Education Kitlang Kabua, and Hernandez.

Monday’s flight dropping off and picking up passengers was the first United flight to deliver and pickup regular passengers since January 18. After that flight in January, United announced suspension of passenger service for Majuro due to the hazardous condition of the main terminal building.

Renovation work performed by Pacific International Inc. wrapped up the first weekend of April and last week, the Ministry of Works Project Management Unit issued its acceptance of the renovation work, paving the way for United to resume passenger service.

United is currently providing once a week service for the Island Hopper: Mondays to Honolulu and Tuesdays to Guam.


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