Urok clubs winners

Urok Club boats pull up at the new Marshalls Billfish Club clubhouse. Photo: Chewy LIn.

The Seventh Annual Breast Cancer Awareness Urok Tournament was held Saturday, with the fishing  ladies, gentleman and children mostly wearing pink to commemorate the day. 

Twenty-four boats took part, with most vessels having five women and a guy at the helm. They were: Alyssa Boat, Bokin Kibed II, BOMI, Boobies, CMI, Ejmour (Man Nam Ne)

Hope, Iakwe, Karoro, Lele Jojo/MIR, Limojwa, Majuro Box #22, MIDB, MI Shipping Ladies, MORIBA, Rita Box #2, Team AMI, Team Boobie Trap, Team Jakumej, Team Mamas, Team Myra, Team Nito, Team Survivor, and Tokkiez.

The weigh in was at the RRE Shoreline area. The winner was Team Nito with Kyle Aliven at the helm and second place went to Team Survivor with Dale Heine steering. 

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