US rejects RMI nuclear claim

Journal 1/6/1982

P1 Majuro prepared but no waves Thousands of people left the capital early New Year’s morning, looking for shelter in Laura as wave threat warnings were being broadcast over radio station WSZO. The first announcement of the possible wave threat said Honolulu weather station predicted waves of eight to 17 feet coming from north of Midway. People were seen locking up their houses and packing their belongings into cars and pickup trucks heading for Laura. This was the second wave mobilization since the 1979 waves struck Majuro.

P8 Ataji Balos blasts neglect of Ebeye and fire trucks as Nitijela opens Nitijela opened its third constitutional regular session January 6 and Charles Takao Domnick was sworn in as the member for Maloelap. In a strongly worded statement on the floor, Minister of International Security Ataji Balos complained about the lack of government support for his department, especially the lack of a fire truck for the capital. Balos also again pointed out that the problem of raw sewage leaks on Ebeye is not yet being resolved. He cited children playing in the filth and dust from the waste blowing into houses as particularly dangerous.

Journal 1/14/1994

P3 Jaluit shines Jabor, Jaluit residents are basking in brightness following the installation of new generators just before Christmas. Together with the new administration of the power operation by the Marshalls Energy Company, the Jabor power plant has been given a new lease on life.

P14 Rep. Miller screams concern about Marshalls nuke tests The Clinton administration is being pressed to release secret documents that could tell the full story of US nuclear testing in the Marshall Islands. American Congressman George Miller (D-CA), chairman of the Natural Resources Committee, wrote President Clinton last week that, “This Committee has long been concerned that the entire story of the testing done in the Marshall Islands has not yet been told and that the health and well-being of a significant number of Marshallese may depend upon a look at all the facts.”

Journal 1/14/2005

P1 Muller to be new RMI chief secretary Bobby Muller, the chief negotiator of the amended Compact of Free Association for the RMI government, is slated to become the new Chief Secretary. Muller will take over from Phillip Kabua, who is taking up his new assignment as ambassador to Japan.

P4 Bush administration rejects N-petition The Bush Administration last week told the US Congress that it should not give more nuclear test money to the Marshall Islands. “There is no legal basis for considering additional payments,” the State Department’s undersecretary for political affairs Marc Grossman said in a January 4 letter to Senator Jeff Bingaman. In response, Foreign Minister Gerald Zackios said his government “is deeply disappointed not only with the State Department’s erroneous conclusions but also its lengthy delay in issuing the report.” Zackios said the government “firmly stands behind the facts and requests in its petition to Congress.”

P8 Aloha’s last flight to RMI The Marshalls islands bid aloha to Aloha Airlines on Tuesday evening, as the Boeing-737 took off for Honolulu for the last time — at least for the immediate future. Aloha announced December 2 that it was ending service to the Marshall Islands and American Samoa this month. A group of VIPs, including Iroij Mike Kabua, representatives from the Marshall Islands Resort and Chamber of Commerce, as well a range of other people were on hand at the airport to farewell the airline, with Marshallese “wuts” for all passengers and handicrafts for the crew and company officials.

P28 Action man The local community activist organization in Uliga which is chaired by Uliga businessman Neal Skinner of EZ Price recently installed fantastic new basketball goals at the old Mobil-area tennis court.