What’s better than one parade?

The December 14 annual Chamber of Commerce Christmas parade was a hit with children and adults alike. It covered Rita to the airport. This week Saturday, it will continue from Ajeltake to Laura. Photo: Hilary Hosia.

The 2019 Christmas Parade is due to continue this Saturday following what veteran parade announcers William Ring, Lisa Muller and Rosalie Mottelang called “one of the biggest turnouts” in years last Saturday.

Despite not continuing past the airport point last weekend, thousands of kids of all ages, including big kids (adults) came out to see the over 20 Christmas floats.
This year brought together new BFFs Santa, Grinch and Miss Marshall Islands Billma Peter, who were seen dancing along the road alongside uniformed police officers and Marshall Island Red Cross Society volunteers.

Head Elf Baron Bigler from the Trust Company controlled distribution on the ground as he escorted alongside the main santa float.

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