Which atoll has best jepta?

Journal 12/28/1982

P1 Jaluit jepta best? 

By Akio Heine Here is how we rated the jeptas we saw and heard at Uliga Protestant Church on Christmas Day. There were some good jeptas we were not able to see, but here goes: The best songs and most profession in their singing: the Jaluit jepta; Best beat: Jerry Lakabung jepta; most original and historical meaning of beat: Ebon jepta. Delap Elementary School got our Most Enthusiastic Group Award. Jeptas winning second and third place are Mosquito jepta, MIHS, Arno and Mili.

P1 Majuro welcomes 748 

Resources and Development Minister Kessai Note revealed today at the arrival ceremony for AMI’s new 748 aircraft that the Cabinet recently approved plans to acquire one or two more new planes within the next six months. 

Journal 12/30/1994

P1 WAC’s liven patients stay 

The Women’s Athletic Club once again put in a rousing appearance at the hospital. Each year, WAC collects gifts for those that have to be in the hospital over the holiday and deliver them Christmas eve. Children received packages of toys, combs and shampoo, perfume, hair clips and bowls.

Journal 12/23/2005

P1 US mail falls from plane 

As an Asia Pacific Airlines cargo plane took off from Majuro international airport Wednesday morning, a cargo door popped open, spilling hundreds of pounds of US mail onto the runway, into people’s backyards in the Rairok area and into the lagoon. Then there’s the National Telecommunications Authority that’s been experiencing a “capacity” crisis in its Internet/email operations, with many emails lost of late to be delivered as the NTA system began bogging down to the point of overload last weekend, with intermittent serve the first three days of this week.

P3 Smiles for an Emperor 

Tremendous singing of Jpanese and Marshallese national anthems by Assumption students and a huge turnout of local dignitaries were highlights of the 72nd birthday party for Emperor Akihito sponored on Tuesday night by the Japanese Embassy.

p8 USPS price hike looms 

“Mail to the Republic of the Marshall Islands is no longer treated as domestic mail,” states the final decision of the US Postal Service issued recently. The change goes into effect January 8. The decision by the USPS removes the Marshall Islands and the Federated States of Micronesia from the domestic mail zone designation and moves them instead to the “International Manual.” Although both will retain their zip codes, the islands will see increased costs for mailing.

P16 Phone ladies wage war on weight 

When you lose you win. Doesn’t make sense? Just ask a group of 18 women at the National Telecommunications Authority who have been taking “self-improvement” at ion. Twice this year, the NTA group antied up their own cash to stimulate interest in weight loss contests. Even those that didn’t win by winning the money won by losing weight. 

P28 Mrs Seru’s students sing komol 

Rita Christian Elementary School pre-school teacher Anaseini Seru believes that the parents of her students deserve credit for their support, and so she took action to call the Journal and invite a photographer over to her classroom on the second floor of the large concrete school structure next to Rita Christian Church. Walking in, we found her classroom filled with energetic five year old students and several parents who were there to help out. Seru said that the parents donated games and toys, all of which are very important to development of skills at this early age. She offered a big “komol tata” to the parents, and then the students offered us a thank you with a lively song led by their equally energetic teacher.

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