Who won ’06 All-Mike?

What we were saying way back when

Journal 9/2/1983

P4 Ataji: Compact should be renegotiated Senator Ataji Balos said he thinks the Compact should be renegotiated to eliminate the bad aspects. Balos said August 30 he wants a better deal for the Kwajalein, radiation-affected islands, and others in the Coalition against the Compact. “Why should we be afraid?” he asked. “We are standing on principles we think are right.” The vote on the Compact of Free Association is scheduled for September 7.

P4 New fuel arrives The new power plant received its first shipment of bunker fuel this week. The ship Gembria arrived with almost 1.5 million gallons of fuel. It is enough to keep the power plant going for year and a half at the present rate of consumption.

Journal 9/8/1995

P1 Palau wins It was the first Mobil All Micronesia fishing tournament that a Palau team had entered, and they captured the biggest, and only, marlin, setting a new tourney record of 360 pounds. On the team for the third All Micronesia tournament: Palau President Tommy Remengesau, Jr., Herman Omelau, Widmark Timothy, Emory Mesubed and Captain Gabriel Capelle. Miss All Micronesia Jamie Antolok greeted them at the weigh in.

P5 Ugly waitress? Naw, that was just Billfish Club official Dennis Reeder dishing out delicacies to visiting fishermen and guests last Thursday as part of the lead up to the Mobil All Micronesia fishing tournament.

Journal 9/8/2006

P1 Rose, Rosa and Rosey We all know that caring for a baby is hard work, but how about three babies at once? Proud mama Sandy Samuel and papa Alberto Manalili both consider themselves blessed three times over with the birth of their triplet daughters Rose, Rosa and Rosey at Majuro hospital this week.

P4 Who’s to blame for late hiring? A lot of public schools started the current school year without the required number of teachers needed for their classrooms. The Public Service Commission announced about 40 teaching job openings in late August, with the closing date for applying after the school year had already started for most public schools. PSC blamed the Ministry of Education for being late to advise PSC about the number of teachers retiring and in need of replacing. But the ministry, while acknowledging that in some cases it has been tardy, said some open positions were given to PSC in May.

P6 Luxury vessel to cruise Marshalls The luxury fishing, diving and surfing boat Indies Trader 4 will power into Majuro in the first week of November for a five-month charter season in RMI. Indies Trader Marine Adventures Ltd. CEO Martin Daly spent several months visiting many RMI atolls looking for great surfing breaks. “Security, privacy and the isolated nature of the atolls are the focus of our tours and what guests are looking for,” said Daly.

P13 Students go first class Despite a one-day delay to the start of the school year for Marshall Islands High School, students were in for a real treat when they showed up for classes on Tuesday as the first phase of the Compact II-funded school building was ready for use. The building, which was officially handed over by Pacific International Inc. to the school on Monday, was blessed in a small ceremony led by new MIHS Principal Gary Ueno.

P15 Pohnpei’s All-Mike “Who won the All Mike?” Hmmm. One answer could be, “Pohnpei’s Alex Tretnoff for the biggest fish.” Another could be, “Robin Reimers, skippering Jinekjej, for bringing in the most points on both days.” Or how about “Team Gugeegue for winning the overall tally with 1,177  points”? In fact, though, the more telling answers is “everyone who took part in the tournament” as shown by the smiles and cheers poolside at the Marshall Islands Resort Monday evening. Nine international teams flew into Majuro to take part in the Marshalls Billfish Club’s 14th Annual All Micronesia Fishing Tournament. Over the two days of fishing, 21 marlin were recorded, with 12 being tagged and released, and seven winged in at over 250 pounds.


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